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2004Aneuploidy detection in single cells using DNA array-based comparative genomic hybridizationHu, D.; Webb, G.; Hussey, N.
2004Essure hysteroscopic sterilization: results based on utilizing a new coil catheter delivery systemKerin, J.; Munday, D.; Ritossa, M.; Pesce, A.; Rosen, D.
2004Classification of perinatal deaths: Development of the Australian and New Zealand classificationsChan, A.; King, J.; Flenady, V.; Haslam, R.; Tudehope, D.
2004Synthesis of N1-(aryl)alkyloxyacyl-5-fluorouracil derivativesHai, L.; Linyan Wu, L.; Huang, J.; Cheng, L.; Wu, Y.
2004Changes in ovarian, follicular, and oocyte morphology immediately after the onset of puberty are not accompanied by an increase in oocyte developmental competence in the pigBagg, M.; Vanessa, R.; Papasso-Brambilla, E.; Grupen, C.; Armstrong, D.; Gandolfi, F.
2004Pregnant women's preferences and knowledge of term breech management, in an Australian settingRaynes-Greenow, C.; Roberts, C.; Barratt, A.; Brodrick, B.; Peat, B.
2004Hypnosis for pain relief in labour and childbirth: a systematic reviewCyna, A.; McAuliffe, G.; Andrew, M.
2004Growth Differentiation Factor-9 Signaling Is Mediated by the Type I Receptor, Activin Receptor-Like Kinase 5Mazerbourg, S.; Klein, C.; Roh, J.; Kaivo-Oja, N.; Mottershead, D.; Korchynskyi, O.; Ritvos, O.; Hsueh, A.
2004Prescribing for thrombophilia - Are we going to repeat mistakes of the past? ReplyDekker, G.; Krabbendam, I.
2004Hypertension during pregnancy in South Australia, Part 2: risk factors for adverse maternal and/or perinatal outcome - results of multivariable analysisVreeburg, S.; Jacobs, D.; Dekker, G.; Heard, A.; Priest, K.; Chan, A.