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2006Transient local overexpression of human vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in mouse feto-maternal interface during mid-term pregnancy lowers systemic maternal blood pressureKoyama, S.; Kimura, T.; Ogita, K.; Nakamura, H.; Ali, Khan Md Abu Hadi Noor; Yoshida, S.; Watanabe, M.; Shimoya, K.; Kaneda, Yasufumi; Murata, Yuji
2006Mouse model of human infertility: transient and local inhibition of endometrial STAT-3 activation results in implantation failureNakamura, Hitomi; Kimura, Tadashi; Koyama, Shinsuke; Ogita, Kazuhide; Tsutsui, Tateki; Taniguchi, Takeshi; Koyama, Masayasu; Shimoya, Koichiro; Kaneda, Yasufumi; Murata, Yuji
2006Women's evaluations of their experience in a multicenter randomized controlled trial of intrapartum fetal pulse oximetry (The FOREMOST Trial)East, Christine E.; Chan, Fung Yee; Brennecke, Shaun P.; King, James Forrester; Colditz, Paul B.; Crowther, Caroline Anne
2006Influenza in the neonatal intensive care unitWilkinson, D.; Buttery, J.; Andersen, C.
2006Embryo research: is disclosing commercial intent enough?de Lacey, Sheryl Lynne
2006Managing driver fatigue: Quantifying real world performance impairmentBaulk, Stuart D.; Biggs, Sarah Nichole; van den Heuvel, Cameron Jay; Reid, Kathryn J.; Dawson, Drew
2006The use and abuse of screening tests around menopauseMacLennan, A.; Sturdee, D.
2006Obstetric litigation is asphyxiating our maternity servicesHankins, G.; MacLennan, A.; Speer, M.; Strunk, A.; Nelson, K.
2006Cerebral palsy litigation - ReplyMacLennan, A.; Nelson, K.; Hankins, G.; Speer, M.
2006Does retention of the ovaries improve long-term survival after hysterectomy? A gynecological oncological perspectiveDavy, M.; Oehler, M.