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2000Perinatal outcomes following ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in in vitro fertilization pregnanciesMcDonald, Janelle
2001Reproductive hormones and blood pressure during pregnancyKrisstiansson, P.; Wang, Jim X.
2000Aquaporin-1 expression in visceral smooth muscle cells of female rat reproductive tractGannon, B. J.; Warnes, Graham Malcolm; Carati, C. J.; Verco, Christopher J.
2003A Biosensing System Based on Extracellular Potential recording of Ligand-Gated Ion Channel Function Overexpressed in Insect cellsHaruyama, T.; Bongsebandhu-Phubhakdi, S.; Nakamura, I.; Mottershead, D.; Keinanen, K.; Kobatake, E.; Aizawa, M.
2007Small-for-gestational-age infants classified by customized or population birthweight centiles: impact of gestational age at deliveryGroom, K.; Poppe, K.; North, R.; McCowan, L.
2006The ten steps to successful breastfeeding in Australian hospitalsWalsh, A.; Pincombe, J.; Stamp, G.
2003Effect of nutrition of oocyte donor on the outcomes of somatic cell nuclear transfer in the sheepPeura, T.; Kleemann, D.; Rudiger, S.; Nattrass, G.; McLaughlan, C.; Walker, S.
2001The safety and effectiveness of a new hysteroscopic method for permanent birth control: results of the first EssureTM pbc clinical studyKerin, John Francis Paul; Carignan, Charles S.; Cher, Daniel
2006Enhanced liver targeting of 5-fluorouracil using galactosylated human serum albumin as a carrier moleculeCai, C.; Zhou, K.; Wu, Y.; Linyan Wu, L.
2009Ovarian status in healthy postmenopausal women: follow-up 12 months after transvaginal ultrasoundBell, R.; Healy, D.; Robertson, D.; Jobling, T.; Oehler, M.; Edwards, A.; Shekleton, P.; Oldham, J.; Piessens, S.; Teoh, M.; Mamers, P.; Taylor, N.; Walker, F.