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2005Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor alleviates adverse consequences of embryo culture on fetal growth trajectory and placental morphogenesisSjoblom, C.; Roberts, C.; Wikland, M.; Robertson, S.
2009Activating T regulatory cells for tolerance in early pregnancy - the contribution of seminal fluidRobertson, S.; Guerin, L.; Moldenhauer, L.; Hayball, J.
2007Pre-eclampsia: Is the immune maladaptation hypothesis still standing? An epidemiological updateDekker, G.; Robillard, P.
2008Thrombophilias and adverse pregnancy outcome - A confounded problem!Kist, W.; Janssen, N.; Kalk, J.; Hague, W.; Dekker, G.; de Vries, J.
2000A randomised controlled trial comparing birthing centre care with delivery suite care in Adelaide, AustraliaByrne, J.; Crowther, C.; Moss, J.
2003Interleukin-5 transgene expression and eosinophilia are associated with retarded mammary gland development in miceSferruzzi-Perri, A.; Robertson, S.; Dent, L.
2004Seminal plasma regulates endometrial cytokine expression, leukocyte recruitment and embryo development in the pigO'Leary, S.; Jasper, M.; Warnes, G.; Armstrong, D.; Robertson, S.
2004Semen activates the female immune response during early pregnancy in miceJohansson, M.; Bromfield, J.; Jasper, M.; Robertson, S.
2003Altered placental development in interleukin-10 null mutant miceRoberts, C.; White, C.; Wiemer, N.; Ramsay, A.; Robertson, S.
2006Seminal plasma regulates ovarian progesterone production, leukocyte recruitment and follicular cell responses in the pigO'Leary, S.; Jasper, M.; Robertson, S.; Armstrong, D.