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2003Leptin and leptin receptor expression in the rat ovaryRyan, N.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.
1997Ovarian function in the GM-CSF deficient mouseJasper, M.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.J.; 1st International Conference on Experimental and Clinical Reproductive Immunobiology (03 Sep 1997 - 03 Oct 1997 : Charlottesville, Virginia)
2000Intrabursal injection of clodronate liposomes causes macrophage depletion and inhibits ovulation in the mouse ovaryVan Der Hoek, K.; Maddocks, S.; Woodhouse, C.; van Rooijen, N.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.
2007Prostaglandin F2α and its receptor as activators of human deciduaMakino, S.; Zaragoza, D.; Mitchell, B.; Robertson, S.; Olson, D.
1992Uterine epithelial cells synthesize granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor and interleukin-6 in pregnant and nonpregnant miceRobertson, S.; Mayrhofer, G.; Seamark, R.
2009The essential roles of TGFB1 in reproductionIngman, W.; Robertson, S.
2004Effect of interleukin-10 null mutation on maternal immune response and reproductive outcome in miceWhite, C.; Johansson, M.; Roberts, C.; Ramsay, A.; Robertson, S.
2010Dual roles for macrophages in ovarian cycle-associated development and remodelling of the mammary gland epitheliumChua, C.; Hodson, L.; Moldenhauer, L.; Robertson, S.; Ingman, W.
2015TLR4 signaling is a major mediator of the female tract response to seminal fluid in miceSchjenken, J.; Glynn, D.; Sharkey, D.; Robertson, S.
1994Leukocyte subpopulations in the rat corpus luteum during pregnancy and pseudopregnancyBrannstrom, M.; Giesecke, L.; Moore, I.; van den Heuvel, C.; Robertson, S.