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2012Comparison of two placental growth factor immunoassays as an aid in the diagnosis of preterm preeclampsiaMyers, J.; Kenny, L.; McCowan, L.; Chan, E.; Dekker, G.; Poston, L.; Simpson, N.; North, R.; 59th Annual Scientific Meeting (22 Mar 2012 - 24 Mar 2012 :
2014Timing of elective term caesarean sections: trends in the NetherlandsWilmink, F.; Hukkelhoven, C.; van der Post, J.; Steegers, E.; Mol, B.; Papatsonis, D.
2013A comparison of complications between open abdominal sacrocolpopexy and laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy for the treatment of vault prolapseCoolen, A.; van Oudheusden, A.; van Eijndhoven, H.; van der Heijden, T.; Stokmans, R.; Mol, B.; Bongers, M.
2017Clinical, ultrasound and molecular biomarkers for early prediction of large for gestational age infants in nulliparous women: an international prospective cohort studyVieira, M.; McCowan, L.; Gillett, A.; Poston, L.; Fyfe, E.; Dekker, G.; Baker, P.; Walker, J.; Kenny, L.; Pasupathy, D.
2009Maternal complications and pregnancy outcome in women with mechanical prosthetic heart valves treated with enoxaparinMcLintock, Claire; McCowan, Lesley M. E.; North, Robyn Adele
2003Hysteroscopic sterilization using a micro-insert device: results of a multicentre phase II studyKerin, John Francis Paul; Cooper, Jay M.; Price, Thomas; Herendael, Bruno J. Van; Cayuela-Font, Enrique; Cher, Daniel; Carignan, Charles S.
1996The influence of sperm morphology and the number of motile sperm inseminated on outcome of intrauterine insemination combined with mild ovarian stimulationBurr, R. W.; Siegberg, R.; Flaherty, Sean P.; Wang, X-J.; Matthews, Colin D.
1996Application of modern molecular techniques to evaluate sperm sex selection methodsFlaherty, Sean P.; Matthews, Colin D.
1997Lack of correlation between conceptual karyoptype and maternal response to placentationKhong, Teck Yee; Ford, Judith H.
2003Management of pregnant women with prosthetic heart valvesGaasch, William H.; North, Robyn Adele