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Obstetrics and Gynaecology publications
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2000Effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor deficiency on ovarian follicular cell functionGilchrist, R.; Rowe, D.; Ritter, L.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.; Armstrong, D.
2000Intrabursal injection of clodronate liposomes causes macrophage depletion and inhibits ovulation in the mouse ovaryVan Der Hoek, K.; Maddocks, S.; Woodhouse, C.; van Rooijen, N.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.
1996Inhibition of nitric oxide: effects on interleukin-1beta-enhanced ovulation rate, steroid hormones, and ovarian leukocyte distribution at ovulation in the ratBonello, N.; McKie, K.; Jasper, M.; Andrew, L.; Ross, N.; Braybon, E.; Brannstrom, M.; Norman, R.
2002Effects of leptin administration and feed restriction on thecal leucocytes in the preovulatory rat ovary and the effects of leptin on meiotic maturation, granulosa cell proliferation, steroid hormone and PGE2 release in cultured rat ovarian folliclesDuggal, P.; Ryan, N.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Ritter, L.; Armstrong, D.; Magoffin, D.; Norman, R.
2000Characterization of ovarian function in granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-deficient miceJasper, M.; Robertson, S.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Bonello, N.; Brannstrom, M.; Norman, R.
2007Ovarian leukocyte distribution and cytokine/chemokine mRNA expression in follicular fluid cells in women with polycystic ovary syndromeWu, R.; Fujii, S.; Ryan, N.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Jasper, M.; Sini, I.; Robertson, S.; Robker, R.; Norman, R.
2019Differential impacts of gonadotrophins, IVF and embryo culture on mouse blastocyst developmentChen, M.; Wong, S.; Wu, L.; Gordon, Y.; Heilbronn, L.; Robker, R.
2013Regulation of epithelial cell turnover and macrophage phenotype by epithelial cell-derived transforming growth factor beta1 in the mammary glandSun, X.; Robertson, S.; Ingman, W.
2017The impact of specific fertility treatments on cognitive development in childhood and adolescence: a systematic reviewRumbold, A.; Moore, V.; Whitrow, M.; Oswald, T.; Moran, L.; Fernandez, R.; Barnhart, K.; Davies, M.