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2004Effect of the oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler 2,4-dinitrophenol on hypoxia-inducible factor-regulated gene expression in bovine blastocystsHarvey, A.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.
2007Complex interactions between hypoxia inducible factors, insulin-like growth Factor-II and oxygen in early murine trophoblastsPringle, K.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.; Roberts, C.
2007Embryo culture and long-term consequencesThompson, J.; Mitchell, M.; Kind, K.
2010Mechanisms contributing to the reduced developmental competence of glucosamine-exposed mouse oocytesSchelbach, C.; Kind, K.; Lane, M.; Thompson, J.
2005Oxygen concentration during in vitro maturation of murine oocytes affects blastocyst cell lineageBanwell, K.; Lane, M.; Russell, D.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.
2005Murine HIF-1a localisation by immunohistochemistry in a mouse reproductive tissueCamp-Dotlic, E.; Froiland, D.; Kind, K.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Thompson, J.; Russell, D.
2002REDOX regulation of early embryo developmentHarvey, A.; Kind, K.; Thompson, J.
2013Microarray analysis of mRNA from cumulus cells following in vivo or in vitro maturation of mouse cumulus-oocyte complexesKind, K.; Banwell, K.; Gebhardt, K.; Macpherson, A.; Gauld, A.; Russell, D.; Thompson, J.
2002Epigenetic risks related to assisted reproductive technologies - Short- and long-term consequences for the health of children conceived through assisted reproduction technology: more reason for caution?Thompson, J.; Kind, K.; Roberts, C.; Robertson, S.; Robinson, J.
2010Beyond oxygen: complex regulation and activity of hypoxia inducible factors in pregnancyPringle, K.; Kind, K.; Sferruzzi-Perri, A.; Thompson, J.; Roberts, C.