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1998Towards an epidemiologic definition of renal disease: Rates and associations of albuminuria in a high-risk Australian Aboriginal communityHoy, W.; Mathews, J.; Wang, Z.; McCredie, D.; Hayhurst, B.; Pugsley, D.; Norman, R.; McFarlane, R.; Rees, M.; Kile, E.; Walker, K.; Satellite symposium of the XIVth International Congress of Nephrology: Renal Disease in Indigenous Populations (30 May 1997 - 01 Jun 1997 : Ulura (Ayers Rock), Northem Territory, Australia)
1991Lymphokines, including interleukin-2, alter gonadotropin-stimulated progesterone production and proliferation of human granulosa-luteal cells in vitroWang, L.; Robertson, S.; Seamark, R.; Norman, R.
1994Rat ovary produces cytokines during ovulationBrannstrom, M.; Norman, R.; Seamark, R.; Robertson, S.
1998Obesity and reproductive disorders: a reviewNorman, R.; Clark, A.
1998Genetic and environmental origins of polycyctic ovary syndromeNorman, R.; Huber Buchholz, M.M.; Hague, W.
1995Cellular composition of primary cultures of human granulosa-lutein cells and effects of cytokinesWang, L.; Brannstrom, M.; Pascoe, V.; Norman, R.
1998Weight loss in obese infertile women results in improvement in reproductive outcome for all forms of fertility treatmentClark, A.; Thornley, B.; Tomlinson, L.; Galletly, C.; Norman, R.
1995Distribution of leukocyte subtypes in the sheep ovary after laser drillingTozawa, H.; Brannstrom, M.; Petrucco, O.; Walker, S.; Chambers, H.; Pascoe, V.; Norman, R.
1997Circulating leptin concentrations in polycystic ovary syndrome: relation to anthropometric and metabolic parametersChapman, I.; Wittert, G.; Norman, R.
1997A health profile in adults in a Northern Territory Aboriginal community, with an emphasis on preventable morbiditiesHoy, W.; Norman, R.; Hayhurst, B.; Pugsley, D.