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2002Expression of leptin and its receptor in the murine ovary: Possible role in the regulation of oocyte maturationRyan, N.; Woodhouse, C.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Gilchrist, R.; Armstrong, D.; Norman, R.
2004Cumulus expansion and glucose utilisation by bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes during in vitro maturation: the influence of glucosamine and follicle-stimulating hormoneMcDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2008Increased gonadotrophin stimulation does not improve IVF outcomes in patients with predicted poor ovarian reserveLekamge, D.; Lane, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Tremellen, K.
2003Effects of in-vivo and in-vitro environments on the metabolism of the cumulus-oocyte complex and its influence on oocyte developmental capacityMcDowall, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2008Oocyte-secreted factors: regulators of cumulus cell function and oocyte qualityGilchrist, R.; Lane, M.; Thompson, J.
2008Exogenous growth differentiation factor 9 in oocyte maturation media enhances subsequent embryo development and fetal viability in miceYeo, C.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.; Lane, M.
2006Molecular basis of oocyte-paracrine signalling that promotes granulosa cell proliferationGilchrist, R.; Ritter, L.; Myllymaa, S.; Kaivo-Oja, N.; Dragovic, R.; Hickey, T.; Ritvos, O.; Mottershead, D.
2006Oocyte-secreted factors enhance oocyte developmental competenceHussein, T.; Thompson, J.; Gilchrist, R.
2003Comparison of oocyte factors and transforming growth factor-b in the regulation of DNA synthesis in bovine granulosa cellsGilchrist, R.; Morrissey, M.; Ritter, L.; Armstrong, D.
2000Effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor deficiency on ovarian follicular cell functionGilchrist, R.; Rowe, D.; Ritter, L.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.; Armstrong, D.