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2002Searching for preeclampsia genes: the current positionLachmeijer, A.; Dekker, G.; Pals, G.; Aarnoudse, J.; ten Kate, L.; Arngrimsson, R.
2002Do women with pre-eclampsia, and their babies, benefit from magnesium sulphate? The Magpie Trial: a randomised placebo-controlled trial-
2002Cervical incompetence: A reappraisal of an obstetric controversyAlthuisius, S.; Dekker, G.; van Geijn, H.
2002The prevalence of recalled low back pain during and after pregnancy: a South Australian population surveyStapleton, D.; MacLennan, A.; Kristiansson, P.
2002Utilization of preoperative urodynamic studies by Canadian gynaecologistsLovatsis, D.; Drutz, H.; Wilson, D.; Duggan, P.
2002Comparison of microinjection (piezo-electric) and cell fusion for nuclear transfer success with different cell types in cattleGalli, A.; Lagutina, I.; Vassiliev, I.; Duchi, R.; Lazzari, G.
2002The endometrial epitheliumSimon, Carlos; Caballero-Campo, Pedro; Galan, Arancha; Martin, Julio C.; Meseguer, Marcos; Herrer, Raquel; Valbuena, Diana; Jasper, Melinda Jane; Mercader, Amparo
2002Who will deliver the next generation of Australians?MacLennan, A.; Spencer, M.
2002Evolutionary adaptations to pre-eclampsia/eclampsia in humans: Low fecundability rate, loss of oestrus, prohibitions of incest and systematic polyandryRobillard, P.; Dekker, G.; Hulsey, T.
2002Gestational diabetes versus obesity as risk factors for pregnancy -induced hypertensive disorders and fetal macrosomiavan Hoorn, J.; Dekker, G.; Jeffries, W.