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2002Do women with pre-eclampsia, and their babies, benefit from magnesium sulphate? The Magpie Trial: a randomised placebo-controlled trial-
2002The prevalence of recalled low back pain during and after pregnancy: a South Australian population surveyStapleton, D.; MacLennan, A.; Kristiansson, P.
2002The endometrial epitheliumSimon, Carlos; Caballero-Campo, Pedro; Galan, Arancha; Martin, Julio C.; Meseguer, Marcos; Herrer, Raquel; Valbuena, Diana; Jasper, Melinda Jane; Mercader, Amparo
2002Who will deliver the next generation of Australians?MacLennan, A.; Spencer, M.
2002Gestational diabetes versus obesity as risk factors for pregnancy -induced hypertensive disorders and fetal macrosomiavan Hoorn, J.; Dekker, G.; Jeffries, W.
2002Outcomes at 3 Months After Planned Cesarean vs Planned Vaginal Delivery for Breech Presentation at TermHannah, Mary E.; Hannah, Walter J.; Hodnett, Ellen D.; Chalmers, Beverley; Kung, Rose; Willan, Andrew; Amankwah, Kofi; Cheng, Mary; Helewa, Michael; Hewson, Sheila A.; Saigal, Saroj; Whyte, Hilary; Gafni, Amiran; Crowther, Caroline Anne
2002The willingness of women to participate in a long-term trial of hormone replacement therapy: a qualitative study using focus groupsHepworth, J.; Paine, B.; Miles, H.; Marley, J.; MacLennan, A.
2002Cervical cerclage - ReplyAlthuisius, S.; van Geijn, H.; Dekker, G.
2002The end of WISDOMMacLennan, A.; Sturdee, D.
2002Editorial: Can heparin prevent adverse pregnancy outcome?Romero, R.; Dekker, G.; Kupferminc, M.