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2003Inherited thrombophilias are not increased in "idiopathic" small-for-gestational-age pregnanciesMcCowan, L.; Craigie, S.; Taylor, R.; Ward, C.; McLintock, C.; North, R.
2003Hysteroscopic sterilization using a micro-insert device: results of a multicentre phase II studyKerin, John Francis Paul; Cooper, Jay M.; Price, Thomas; Herendael, Bruno J. Van; Cayuela-Font, Enrique; Cher, Daniel; Carignan, Charles S.
2003Management of pregnant women with prosthetic heart valvesGaasch, William H.; North, Robyn Adele
2003A Biosensing System Based on Extracellular Potential recording of Ligand-Gated Ion Channel Function Overexpressed in Insect cellsHaruyama, T.; Bongsebandhu-Phubhakdi, S.; Nakamura, I.; Mottershead, D.; Keinanen, K.; Kobatake, E.; Aizawa, M.
2003Can we predict preeclampsia?North, R.
2003The trkC expression in spared dorsal root ganglion following acupunctureWang, T.; Ke, Q.; Linyan Wu, L.; Zhang, X.
2003Microinsert nonincisional hysteroscopic sterilizationCooper, Jay M.; Carignan, Charles S.; Cher, Daniel; Kerin, John Francis Paul
2003External cephalic version beginning at 34 weeks' gestation versus 37 weeks' gestation: A randomized multicenter trialHutton, E.K.; Kaufman, K.; Hodnett, Ellen D.; Amankwah, Kofi; Hewson, Sheila A.; McKay, Darren; Szalai, J.P.; Hannah, Mary E.; Crowther, Caroline Anne
2003Factors associated with adverse perinatal outcome in the Term Breech TrialSu, Min; McLeod, Lynne; Ross, Susan; Willan, Andrew; Hannah, Walter J.; Hutton, Eileen; Hewson, Sheila A.; Hannah, Mary E.; Crowther, Caroline Anne
2003New contraceptive choices across reproductive lifeKerin, John Francis Paul