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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008To QC or not to QC: the key to a consistent laboratory?Lane, M.; Mitchell, M.; Cashman, K.; Inglis, D.; Wakefield, S.; Zander, D.
2008Consequentialism and the death penaltyWilkinson, D.; Douglas, T.
2008Problem Solving in Women's HealthRees, M.; Hope, S.; Oehler, M.; Moore, J.; Crawford, P.
2008Oxidative stress and male infertility - a clinical perspectiveTremellen, K.
2008Recommendations for routine reporting on indications for cesarean delivery in developing countriesStanton, C.; Ronsmans, C.; Bailey, P.; Belizan, J.; Buekens, P.; Chen, Q.; Cisse, C.; de Bernis, L.; Dubourg, D.; Farrell, M.; Holtz, S.; Lippeveld, T.; Moran, A.; Shaw, D.; Tran, T.; Thomas, J.; Wright, L.; Tran, Thach Son
2008Gene expression analysis in absence epilepsy using a monozygotic twin designHelbig, I.; Matigian, N.; Vadlamudi, L.; Lawrence, K.; Bayly, M.; Bain, S.; Diyagama, D.; Scheffer, I.; Mulley, J.; Holloway, A.; Berkovic, S.; Hayward, N.
2008An extruded breakfast cereal made from a high amylose barley cultivar has a low glycemic index and lower plasma insulin response than one made from a standard barleyKing, R.; Noakes, M.; Bird, A.; Morell, M.; Topping, D.
2008Endometrioid and clear cell ovarian cancers: a comparative analysis of risk factorsNagle, C.; Olsen, C.; Webb, P.; Jordan, S.; Whiteman, D.; Green, A.; Oehler, M.
2008Day 4 embryo selection is equal to Day 5 using a new embryo scoring system validated in single embryo transfersInglis, D.; Henshaw, R.; Lane, M.
2008There's nothing to fear from organ donationWilkinson, D.