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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Changes in ovarian, follicular, and oocyte morphology immediately after the onset of puberty are not accompanied by an increase in oocyte developmental competence in the pigBagg, M.; Vanessa, R.; Papasso-Brambilla, E.; Grupen, C.; Armstrong, D.; Gandolfi, F.
2004Oxygen-regulated gene expression in bovine blastocystsHarvey, A.; Kind, K.; Pantaleon, M.; Armstrong, D.; Thompson, J.
2004Novel immune modulation to improve reproductive outcomes in pigsMitchell, M.; O'Leary, S.; Brooke, G.; Maddocks, S.; Armstrong, D.
2004Oocyte-somatic cell interactions during follicle development in mammalsGilchrist, R.; Ritter, L.; Armstrong, D.
2004Bovine cumulus cell-oocyte gap junctional communication during in vitro maturation in response to manipulation of cell-specific cyclic adenosine 3 ',5 '-monophosophate levelsThomas, R.; Armstrong, D.; Gilchrist, R.
2004Effect of specific phosphodiesterase isoenzyne inhibitors during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes on meiotic and developmental capacityThomas, R.; Thompson, J.; Armstrong, D.; Gilchrist, R.
2004Mouse oocyte paracrine signalling to cumulus cells by TGF-β superfamily molecules is indispensable for cumulus expansionDragovic, R.; Ritter, L.; Schulz, S.; Armstrong, D.; Gilchrist, R.
2004Regulation of mouse cumulus expansion by oocyte-secreted growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF-9)Dragovic, R.; Ritter, L.; Amato, F.; Scott, S.; Cranfield, M.; Groome, N.; Armstrong, D.; Gilchrist, R.
2004Seminal plasma regulates corpora lutea macrophage populations during early pregnancy in miceGangnuss, S.; McDowall, M.; Robertson, S.; Armstrong, D.
2004Seminal plasma regulates endometrial cytokine expression, leukocyte recruitment and embryo development in the pigO'Leary, S.; Jasper, M.; Warnes, G.; Armstrong, D.; Robertson, S.