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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The CryoLoop facilitates re-vitrification of embryos at four successive stages of development without impairing embryo growthSheehan, C.; Lane, M.; Gardner, D.
2006Metabolism protein content and in vitro embryonic development of goat cumulus-oocyte complexes matured with physiological concentrations of glucose and L-lactateHerrick, J.; Lane, M.; Gardner, D.; Behboodi, E.; Memili, E.; Blash, S.; Echelard, Y.; Krisher, R.
2006One-step versus two-step culture of mouse preimplantation embryosGardner, D.; Lane, M.
2006Mammalian gamete and embryo culture media supplement and method of using sameGardner, D.; Lane, M.; Vitrolife Inc
2006Prevention of multiple gestation in IVF - Introduction to themeNorman, R.; Davies, M.; Wang, J.; Lane, M.
2006Glucosamine supplementation during in vitro maturation inhibits subsequent embryo development: Possible role of the hexosamine pathway as a regulator of developmental competence.McDowall, M.; Mitchell, M.; Cetica, P.; Dalvit, G.; Pantaleon, M.; Lane, M.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2006The difference in pregnancy rates between elective single embryo transfer (SET) compared to double embryo transfer is dependent on the implantation rates of embryos being transferred. Using mathematical modeling to determine when SET becomes a viable option.Thompson, J.; Lane, M.
2006Perturbations in mouse embryo development and viability caused by ammonium are more severe after exposure at the cleavage stagesZander, D.; Thompson, J.; Lane, M.
2006Adaptive responses of early embryos to their microenvironment and consequences for post-implantation developmentThompson, J.; Lane, M.; Robertson, S.
2006Reducing multiple pregnancy from assisted reproduction treatment: educating patients and medical staffWang, J.; Lane, M.; Norman, R.