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2013RAB40AL loss-of-function mutation does not cause X-linked intellectual disabilityKalscheuer, V.; Iqbal, Z.; Hu, H.; Haas, S.; Shaw, M.; Lebrun, N.; Seemanova, E.; Voesenek, K.; Hobson, L.; Ropers, H.H.; Townshend, S.; Raynaud, M.; van Bokhoven, H.; Riazuddin, S.; Chelly, J.; Gecz, J.
2015Targeted next-generation sequencing analysis of 1,000 individuals with intellectual disabilityGrozeva, D.; Carss, K.; Spasic-Boskovic, O.; Tejada, M.; Gecz, J.; Shaw, M.; Corbett, M.; Haan, E.; Thompson, E.; Friend, K.; Hussain, Z.; Hackett, A.; Field, M.; Renieri, A.; Stevenson, R.; Schwartz, C.; Floyd, J.; Bentham, J.; Cosgrove, C.; Keavney, B.; et al.
2015Whole-exome sequencing points to considerable genetic heterogeneity of cerebral palsyMcMichael, G.; Bainbridge, M.; Haan, E.; Corbett, M.; Gardner, A.; Thompson, S.; Van Bon, B.; Van Eyk, C.; Broadbent, J.; Reynolds, C.; O'Callaghan, M.; Nguyen, L.; Adelson, D.; Russo, R.; Jhangiani, S.; Doddapaneni, H.; Muzny, D.; Gibbs, R.; Gecz, J.; MacLennan, A.
2000Identification of a mutation in the XNP/ATR-X gene in a family reported as Smith-Fineman-Myers syndromeVillard, L.; Fontes, M.; Ades, L.; Gecz, J.
2016New insights into Brunner syndrome and potential for targeted therapyPalmer, E.; Leffler, M.; Rogers, C.; Shaw, M.; Carroll, R.; Earl, J.; Cheung, N.; Champion, B.; Hu, H.; Haas, S.; Kalscheuer, V.; Gecz, J.; Field, M.
2009Unravelling the pathogenesis of the ARX homeobox mutations; role of IPO13Shoubridge, C.; Tan, M.; Fullston, T.; McGillivray, G.; Mancini, G.; Gecz, J.; Annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (59th : 2009 : Honolulu, Hawaii)
2014UPF3B gene and nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in autism spectrum disordersLaumonnier, F.; Nguyen, L.; Jolly, L.; Raynaud, M.; Gecz, J.
2009Clinical Study of Two Brothers With a Novel 33 bp Duplication in the ARX GeneDemos, M.; Fullston, T.; Partington, M.; Gecz, J.; Gibson, W.
2013Challenges of 'sticky' co-immunoprecipitation: Polyalanine tract protein-protein interactionsMattiske, T.; Tan, M.; Gecz, J.; Shoubridge, C.
20041024C>T (R342X) is a recurrent RHF6 mutation also found in the original Börjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome familyLower, K.; Solders, G.; Bondeson, M.; Nelson, J.; Brun, A.; Crawford, J.; Malm, G.; Borjeson, M.; Turner, G.; Partington, M.; Gecz, J.