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2001Hemifacial microsomia: progress in understanding the genetic basis of a complex malformation syndromeKelberman, D.; Tyson, J.; Chandler, D.; McInerney, A.; Slee, J.; Albert, D.; Aymat, A.; Botma, M.; Calvert, M.; Goldblatt, J.; Haan, E.; Laing, N.; Lim, J.; Malcolm, S.; Singer, S.; Winter, R.; Bitner-Glindzicz, M.
2011Lung disease associated with periventricular nodular heterotopia and an FLNA mutationMasurel-Paulet, A.; Haan, E.; Thompson, E.; Goizet, C.; Thauvin-Robinet, C.; Tai, A.; Kennedy, J.; Smith, G.; Khong, T.; Sole, G.; Guerineau, E.; Coupry, I.; Huet, F.; Robertson, S.; Faivre, L.
2000New mutations in MID1 provide support for loss of function as the cause of X-linked Optiz syndromeCox, T.; Allen, L.; Cox, L.; Hopwood, B.; Goodwin, B.; Haan, E.; Suthers, G.
1998Autosomal dominant Klippel-Feil anomaly with cleft palateThompson, E.; Haan, E.; Sheffield, L.
1999Homozygotes for FRA16B are normalHocking, T.; Feichtinger, W.; Schmid, M.; Haan, E.; Baker, E.; Sutherland, G.
1998Effect of Parity, Gravidity, Previous Miscarriage, and Age On Risk of Downs-Syndrome - Population Based StudyChan, A.; McCaul, K.; Keane, R.; Haan, E.
1995The sensitivity of ultrasound and serum alpha-fetoprotein in population-based antenatal screening for neural tube defects, South Australia 1986-1991Chan, A.; Robertson, E.; Haan, E.; Ranieri, E.; Keane, R.
2008Pain characteristics and their association with quality of life and self-concept in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy identified from a population registerRusso, R.; Miller, M.; Haan, E.; Cameron, I.; Crotty, M.
2011A new syndrome with craniosynostosis and cleft lip and palateAnderson, P.; Haan, E.; David, D.
1997A unique point mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 gene (FGFR3) defines a new craniosynostosis syndromeMuenke, M.; Gripp, K.; McDonald-McGinn, D.; Gaudenz, K.; Whitaker, L.; Bartlett, S.; Markowitz, R.; Robin, N.; Nwokoro, N.; Mulvihill, J.; Losken, H.; Mulliken, J.; Guttmacher, A.; Wilroy, R.; Clarke, L.; Hollway, G.; Ades, L.; Haan, E.; Mulley, J.; Cohen, M.; et al.