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2015Targeted next-generation sequencing analysis of 1,000 individuals with intellectual disabilityGrozeva, D.; Carss, K.; Spasic-Boskovic, O.; Tejada, M.; Gecz, J.; Shaw, M.; Corbett, M.; Haan, E.; Thompson, E.; Friend, K.; Hussain, Z.; Hackett, A.; Field, M.; Renieri, A.; Stevenson, R.; Schwartz, C.; Floyd, J.; Bentham, J.; Cosgrove, C.; Keavney, B.; et al.
2015Whole-exome sequencing points to considerable genetic heterogeneity of cerebral palsyMcMichael, G.; Bainbridge, M.; Haan, E.; Corbett, M.; Gardner, A.; Thompson, S.; Van Bon, B.; Van Eyk, C.; Broadbent, J.; Reynolds, C.; O'Callaghan, M.; Nguyen, L.; Adelson, D.; Russo, R.; Jhangiani, S.; Doddapaneni, H.; Muzny, D.; Gibbs, R.; Gecz, J.; MacLennan, A.
2008Combining first and second trimester markers for Down syndrome screening: Think twiceCocciolone, R.; Brameld, K.; OLeary, P.; Haan, E.; Muller, P.; Shand, K.
2007Upper-limb botulinum toxin A injection and occupational therapy in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy identified from a population register: A single-blind, randomized, controlled trialRusso, R.; Crotty, M.; Miller, M.; Murchland, S.; Flett, P.; Haan, E.
2007Trends in state/population-based Down syndrome screening and invasive prenatal testing with the introduction of first-trimester combined Down syndrome screening, South Australia, 1995-2005Muller, P.; Cocciolone, R.; Haan, E.; Wilkinson, C.; Scott, H.; Sage, L.; Bird, R.; Hutchinson, R.; Chan, A.
1997First-trimester diagnosis of Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndromeSharp, P.; Haan, E.; Fletcher, J.; Khong, T.; Carey, W.
2010CP or not CP? A review of diagnoses in a cerebral palsy registerZarrinkalam, R.; Russo, R.; Gibson, C.; van Essen, P.; Peek, A.; Haan, E.
2002The risk of mortality or cerebral palsy in twins: A collaborative population-based studyScher, A.; Petterson, B.; Blair, E.; Ellenberg, J.; Grether, J.; Haan, E.; Reddihough, D.; Yeargin-Allsopp, M.; Nelson, K.
2008Fetal alcohol syndrome: a prospective national surveillance studyElliott, E.; Payne, J.; Morris, A.; Haan, E.; Bower, C.
2008Ocular colobomata, polydactyly, cleft palate and panhypopituitarism: a new syndromeLaforest, C.; Leibovitch, I.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Crompton, J.; Haan, E.