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2011Emerging therapies for neurodegenerative lysosomal storage disorders - from concept to realityHemsley, K.; Hopwood, J.
2011Enzyme replacement reduces neuropathology in MPS IIIA dogsCrawley, A.; Marshall, N.; Beard, H.; Hassiotis, S.; Walsh, V.; King, B.; Hucker, N.; Fuller, M.; Jolly, R.; Hopwood, J.; Hemsley, K.
2011Impact of high-dose, chemically modified sulfamidase on pathology in a murine model of MPS IIIARozaklis, T.; Beard, H.; Hassiotis, S.; Garcia, A.; Tonini, M.; Luck, A.; Pan, J.; Lamsa, J.; Hopwood, J.; Hemsley, K.
2008Effect of high dose, repeated intra-cerebrospinal fluid injection of sulphamidase on neuropathology in mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIA miceHemsley, K.; Beard, H.; King, B.; Hopwood, J.
2008Behavioural characterisation of the alpha-mannosidosis guinea pigRobinson, A.; Crawley, A.; Auclair, D.; Weston, P.; Hirte, C.; Hemsley, K.; Hopwood, J.
2009Effect of cisternal sulfamidase delivery in MPS IIIA Huntaway dogs-A proof of principle studyHemsley, K.; Norman, E.; Crawley, A.; Auclair, D.; King, B.; Fuller, M.; Lang, D.; Dean, C.; Jolly, R.; Hopwood, J.
2010Enzyme replacement therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis VI from 8 weeks of age - a sibling control studyMcGill, J.; Inwood, A.; Coman, D.; Lipke, M.; de Lore, D.; Swiedler, S.; Hopwood, J.
2008Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome: Functional characterization of pathogenic mutations and polymorphisms in the arylsulfatase B geneGarrido, E.; Cormand, B.; Hopwood, J.; Chabas, A.; Grinberg, D.; Vilageliu, L.
2008Lipid composition of microdomains is altered in a cell model of Gaucher diseaseHein, L.; Duplock, S.; Hopwood, J.; Fuller, M.
2007N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfatase protein detection in MPS IVA patient and unaffected control samplesParkinson-Lawrence, E.; Muller, V.; Hopwood, J.; Brooks, D.