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2007Leukocyte and stromal cell molecules: The CD markersZola, H.; Swart, B.; Nicholson, I.; Voss, E.
2012Elevated serum cytokine levels using cytometric bead arrays predict culture-positive infections in childhood oncology patients with febrile neutropeniaBadurdeen, S.; Hodge, G.; Osborn, M.; Scott, J.; St John-Green, C.; Tapp, H.; Zola, H.; Revesz, T.
1995CD10 Workshop panel reportZola, H.
2001Antibody against CD20 in patients with B cell malignancyAdamson, P.; Zola, H.; Nicholson, I.; Pilkington, G.; Hohmann, A.
1995Expression of CD25 defines peripheral blood mononuclear cells with productive versus latent HIV infectionBorvak, J.; Chou, C.S.; Bell, K.; van Dyke, G.; Zola, H.; Ramilo, O.; Vitetta, E.
1995Memory B lymphocytes in human tonsil do not express surface IgDNicholson, I.; Brisco, M.; Zola, H.
2007Assessing the potential of immunohistochemistry for systematic gene expression profilingWarford, A.; Flack, G.; Conquer, J.; Zola, H.; McCafferty, J.
2004Characterization of colonic and mesenteric lymph node dendritic cell subpopulations in a murine adoptive transfer model of inflammatory bowel diseaseKarlis, J.; Penttila, I.; Tran, T.; Jones, B.; Nobbs, S.; Zola, H.; Flesch, I.
1995Expresssion of functional IGF-1 receptor on lymphoid cell subsets of ratsXu, X.; Mardell, C.; Xian, C.; Zola, H.; Read, L.
1996Reduced expression of the interleukin-2-receptor gamma chain on cord blood lymphocytes: relationship to functional immaturity of the neonatal immune responseZola, H.; Fusco, M.; Weedon, H.; Macardle, P.; Ridings, J.; Roberton, D.