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2007Gastro-oesophageal reflux and Helicobacter pylori infectionDavidson, G.
1995Esophageal body and lower esophageal sphincter function in healthy premature infantsOmari, T.; Miki, K.; Fraser, R.; Davidson, G.; Haslam, R.; Goldsworthy, W.; Bakewell, M.; Kawahara, H.; Dent, J.
2011Is small-bowel bacterial overgrowth an underdiagnosed disorder in children with gastrointestinal symptoms?Jones, H.; Davidson, G.; Brooks, D.; Butler, R.
2003The successful medical management of severe duodenal strictures secondary to eosinophilic gastroenteritis in an infantTan, H.; Sithasanan, N.; Foley, P.; Davidson, G.
1996Rapid and simultaneous quantification of rhamnose, mannitol, and lactulose in urine by HPLC for estimating intestinal permeability in pediatric practiceMiki, K.; Butler, R.; Moore, D.; Davidson, G.
1996Chronic diarrhoeaDavidson, G.
2011A method to objectively assess swallow function in adults with suspected aspirationOmari, T.; Dejaeger, E.; Van Beckevoort, D.; Goeleven, A.; Davidson, G.; Dent, J.; Tack, J.; Rommel, N.
2011Zinc homeostasis and gut function in children with celiac diseaseTran, C.; Katsikeros, R.; Manton, N.; Krebs, N.; Hambidge, M.; Butler, R.; Davidson, G.
2011Optimisation of the reflux-symptom association statistics for use in infants being investigated by 24-hour pH impedanceOmari, T.; Schwarzer, A.; van Wijk, M.; Benninga, M.; McCall, L.; Kritas, S.; Koletzko, S.; Davidson, G.
2000Long-term effects of pyloromyotomy on pyloric motility and gastric emptying in humansSun, W.; Doran, S.; Jones, K.; Davidson, G.; Dent, J.; Horowitz, M.