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2006Conservation of leukocyte cell surface proteins: implications for the generation of monoclonal antibodies against newly identified leukocyte cell surface proteinsZola, H.; Mavrangelos, C.; Millard, D.; Nicholson, I.
2005Characterisation of the protein composition of peripheral blood mononuclear cell microsomes by SDS-PAGE and mass spectrometryNicholson, I.; Mavrangelos, C.; Fung, K.; Ayhan, M.; Levichkin, I.; Johnston, A.; Zola, H.; Hoogenraad, N.
2001Increased yield and activity of soluble single-chain antibody fragments by combining high-level expression and the Skp periplasmic chaperoninMavrangelos, C.; Thiel, M.; Adamson, P.; Millard, D.; Nobbs, S.; Zola, H.; Nicholson, I.
2012Cytoskeletal protein Flightless (Flii) is elevated in chronic and acute human wounds and wound fluid: neutralizing its activity in chronic but not acute wound fluid improves cellular proliferationRuzehaji, N.; Grose, R.; Krumbiegel, D.; Zola, H.; Dasari, P.; Wallace, H.; Stacey, M.; Fitridge, R.; Cowin, A.
2006Rapid simultaneous measurement of multiple cytokines in childhood oncology patients with febrile neutropenia: increased interleukin (IL)-8 or IL-5 correlates with culture-positive infectionHodge, G.; Osborn, M.; Hodge, S.; Nairn, J.; Tapp, H.; Kirby, M.; Sepulveda, H.; Morgan, E.; Revesz, T.; Zola, H.
2012Elevated serum cytokine levels using cytometric bead arrays predict culture-positive infections in childhood oncology patients with febrile neutropeniaBadurdeen, S.; Hodge, G.; Osborn, M.; Scott, J.; St John-Green, C.; Tapp, H.; Zola, H.; Revesz, T.
2001The Fc receptor for IgG (FcgRII; CD32) on human neonatal B lymphocytesJessup, C.; Ridings, J.; Ho, A.; Nobbs, S.; Roberton, D.; Macardle, P.; Zola, H.
2000Expression of the costimulator molecules, CD40 and CD154, on lymphocytes from neonates and young childrenElliott, S.; Roberton, D.; Zola, H.; Macardle, P.
2004Rapid simultaneous measurement of multiple cytokines using 100 ┬Ál sample volumes - association with neonatal sepsisHodge, G.; Hodge, S.; Haslam, R.; McPhee, A.; Sepulveda, H.; Morgan, E.; Nicholson, I.; Zola, H.
2003Maternal milk regulation of cell infiltration and interleukin 18 in the intestine of suckling rat pupsPenttila, I.; Flesch, I.; McCue, A.; Powell, B.; Zhou, F.; Read, L.; Zola, H.