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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005In silico evaluation of two mass spectrometry-based approaches for the identification of novel human leukocyte cell-surface proteinsNicholson, I.; Ayhan, M.; Hoogenraad, N.; Zola, H.
2005The human leucocyte differentiation antigens (HLDA) workshops: the evolving role of antibodies in research, diagnosis and therapyZola, H.; Swart, B.
2005Detecting antibodies with similar reactivity patterns in the HLDA8 blind panel of flow cytometry dataSalganik, M.; Hardie, D.; Swart, B.; Dandie, G.; Zola, H.; Shaw, S.; Shapiro, H.; Tinckam, K.; Milford, E.; Wand, M.
2005Development of a cluster of differentiation antibody-based protein microarrayAbdo, M.; Irving, B.; Hudson, P.; Zola, H.
2005A comparison of Verotoxin B-subunit (Stx1B) and CD77 antibody to define germinal centre populationsBailey, S.; Mardell, C.; Wheatland, L.; Zola, H.; Macardle, P.
2005The HLDA8 blind panel: findings and conclusionsSwart, B.; Salganik, M.; Wand, M.; Tinckam, K.; Milford, E.; Drbal, K.; Angelisova, P.; Horejsi, V.; Macardle, P.; Bailey, S.; Hollemweguer, E.; Hodge, G.; Nairn, J.; Millard, D.; Dagdeviren, A.; Dandie, G.; Zola, H.
2008CD 271 (p75 neurotrophin receptor)Rogers, M.; Beare, A.; Zola, H.; Rush, R.
2002FcγRIIb expression on human germinal center B lymphocytesMacardle, P.; Mardell, C.; Bailey, S.; Wheatland, L.; Ho, A.; Jessup, C.; Roberton, D.; Zola, H.
2005Expression of toll-like receptors on B lymphocytesDasari, P.; Nicholson, I.; Hodge, G.; Dandie, G.; Zola, H.
2007CD molecules 2006 - Human cell differentiation moleculesZola, H.; Swart, B.; Banham, A.; Barry, S.; Beare, A.; Bensussan, A.; Boumsell, L.; Buckley, C.; Buhring, H.; Clark, G.; Engel, P.; Fox, D.; Jin, B.; Macardle, P.; Malavasi, F.; Mason, D.; Stockinger, H.; Yang, X.