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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Isolation, propagation and characterization of cord blood derived CD4+ CD25+ regulatory T cellsBresatz, S.; Sadlon, T.; Millard, D.; Zola, H.; Barry, S.
2003Isolation of antigen-specific B cellsKodituwakku, A.; Jessup, C.; Zola, H.; Roberton, D.
2000Preparation of human-mouse heterohybridomas against an immunising antigenJessup, C.; Baxendale, H.; Goldblatt, D.; Zola, H.
2004Detection of low-abundance membrane markers by immunofluorescence - a comparison of alternative high-sensitivity methods and reagentsMavrangelos, C.; Swart, B.; Nobbs, S.; Nicholson, I.; Macardle, P.; Zola, H.
2006Improved antigen binding by a CD20-specific single-chain antibody fragment with a mutation in CDRH1Adamson, P.; Millard, D.; Hohmann, A.; Mavrangelos, C.; Macardle, P.; Pilkington, G.; Mulhern, T.; Tedder, T.; Zola, H.; Nicholson, I.
2002An economical 20 litre bench-top fermenterThiel, M.; Coster, D.; Mavrangelos, C.; Zola, H.; Williams, K.
2002Penetration of engineered antibody fragments into the eyeThiel, M.; Coster, D.; Standfield, S.; Brereton, H.; Mavrangelos, C.; Zola, H.; Taylor, S.; Yusim, A.; Williams, K.
2006Conservation of leukocyte cell surface proteins: implications for the generation of monoclonal antibodies against newly identified leukocyte cell surface proteinsZola, H.; Mavrangelos, C.; Millard, D.; Nicholson, I.
2005Characterisation of the protein composition of peripheral blood mononuclear cell microsomes by SDS-PAGE and mass spectrometryNicholson, I.; Mavrangelos, C.; Fung, K.; Ayhan, M.; Levichkin, I.; Johnston, A.; Zola, H.; Hoogenraad, N.
2001Increased yield and activity of soluble single-chain antibody fragments by combining high-level expression and the Skp periplasmic chaperoninMavrangelos, C.; Thiel, M.; Adamson, P.; Millard, D.; Nobbs, S.; Zola, H.; Nicholson, I.