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2002Role of anti-calcium channel and anti-receptor autoantibodies in autonomic dysfunction in Sjögren's syndromeOhlsson Teague, Maria; Gordon, Tom P.; Waterman, Sally A.
2008CD40, CD154, Bax and Bcl-2 Expression in Sjögren's Syndrome Salivary Glands: a Putative Anti-Apoptotic Role During its Effector PhasesOhlsson Teague, Maria; Szodoray, Peter; Loro, L. L.; Johannessen, Anne Christine; Jonsson, Roland
2001Maintained CD40 and loss of polarised CD40 ligand expression in oral squamous cell carcinomaLoro, L. L.; Ohlsson Teague, Maria; Vintermyr, O. K.; Liavaag, P. G.; Jonsson, Roland; Johannessen, Anne Christine
2000Sjögren's syndrome and other inflammatory lesions of the salivary glandsJonsson, Roland; Ohlsson Teague, Maria; Johannessen, Anne Christine
2008Deletion of Glu155 causes a deficiency of glutathione transferase Omega 1-1 but does not alter sensitivity to arsenic trioxide and other cytotoxic drugsSchmuck, E.; Cappello, J.; Coggan, M.; Brew, J.; Cavanaugh, J.; Blackburn, A.; Baker, R.; Eyre, H.; Sutherland, G.; Board, P.
2002Subcellular Redistribution and Surface Exposure of the Ro52, Ro60 and La48 Autoantigens During Apoptosis in Human Ductal Epithelial Cells: a Possible Mechanism in the Pathogenesis of Sjögren's SyndromeOhlsson Teague, Maria; Jonsson, Roland; Brokstad, K. A.
2007Hydrocephalus and macrocephaly: New manifestations of neonatal lupus erythematosusBoros, C.; Spence, D.; Blaser, S.; Silverman, E.
2002Subcellular redistribution of La/SSB autoantigen during physiologic apoptosis in the fetal mouse heart and conduction system A clue to the pathogenesis of congenital heart blockTran, Hai Bac; Ohlsson Teague, Maria; Beroukas, Dimitra; Hiscock, Jennifer J.; Bradley, Jenny; Buyon, Jill P.; Gordon, Tom P.
2007Cancer risks for Australian women with a BRCA1 or a BRCA2 mutationSuthers, G.
2003Attenuated apoptosis of B cell activating factor-expressing cells in primary Sjögren's syndromeSzodoray, P.; Jellestad, S.; Ohlsson Teague, E.; Jonsson, R.