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2005Atopic disease in childhoodGold, M.; Kemp, A.
2002Hypotonic-Hyporesponsive Episodes Following Pertussis Vaccination: A Cause for Concern?Gold, M.
2002National study of adverse reactions after vaccination with bacille Calmette-GuérinTurnbull, F.; McIntyre, P.; Achat, H.; Wang, H.; Stapledon, R.; Gold, M.; Burgess, M.
2011Congenital and neonatal varicella: impact of the national varicella vaccination programme in AustraliaKhandaker, G.; Marshall, H.; Peadon, E.; Zurynski, Y.; Burgner, D.; Buttery, J.; Gold, M.; Nissen, M.; Elliott, E.; Burgess, M.; Booy, R.
2012Effect of n-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in pregnancy on infants' allergies in first year of life: randomised controlled trialPalmer, D.; Sullivan, T.; Gold, M.; Prescott, S.; Heddle, R.; Gibson, R.; Makrides, M.
2013Randomized controlled trial of fish oil supplementation in pregnancy on childhood allergiesPalmer, D.; Sullivan, T.; Gold, M.; Prescott, S.; Heddle, R.; Gibson, R.; Makrides, M.
2005Effect of cooked and raw egg consumption on ovalbumin content of human milk: a randomized, double-blind, cross-over trialPalmer, D.; Gold, M.; Makrides, M.
2013Healthcare providers' knowledge, experience and challenges of reporting adverse events following immunisation: a qualitative studyParrella, A.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Gold, M.; Marshall, H.; Baghurst, P.
2017Evaluation of combination measles-mumps-rubella-varicella vaccine introduction in AustraliaMacartney, K.; Gidding, H.; Trinh, L.; Wang, H.; Dey, A.; Hull, B.; Orr, K.; McRae, J.; Richmond, P.; Gold, M.; Crawford, N.; Kynaston, J.; McIntyre, P.; Wood, N.
2016Consensus of stakeholders on precautionary allergen labelling: a report from the Centre for Food and Allergy ResearchZurzolo, G.; Koplin, J.; Ponsonby, A.; McWilliam, V.; Dharmage, S.; Heine, R.; Tang, M.; Prescott, S.; Campbell, D.; Loh, R.; Rueter, K.; Netting, M.; Frith, K.; Norton, W.; Said, M.; Gold, M.; Lee, N.; Mathai, M.; de Courten, M.; Allen, K.