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2008Pediatric nutrition in practiceKoletzko, B.; Cooper, P.; Makrides, M.; Garza, C.; Uauy, R.; Wang, W.
2013Environmental determinants of islet autoimmunity (ENDIA): a pregnancy to early life cohort study in children at-risk of type 1 diabetesPenno, M.; Couper, J.; Craig, M.; Colman, P.; Rawlinson, W.; Cotterill, A.; Jones, T.; Harrison, L.; Baghurst, P.; Barry, S.; Cameron, F.; Dodd, J.; Duran, C.; Forbes, J.; Makrides, M.; Morahan, G.; Nelson, K.; Nankervis, A.; Sinnott, R.; Wentworth, J.; Baghurst, Peter Adrian; Barry, Simon Charles; Dodd, Jodie Michele; Makrides, Maria
2005Effect of cooked and raw egg consumption on ovalbumin content of human milk: a randomized, double-blind, cross-over trialPalmer, D.; Gold, M.; Makrides, M.
2005Supplementation of infant formula with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids does not influence the growth of term infantsMakrides, M.; Gibson, R.; Udell, T.; Ried, K.
2013DHA supplementation during the perinatal period and neurodevelopment: do some babies benefit more than others?Makrides, M.
2014Does maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation affect outcomes in offspring? A systematic review of food-based approachesNetting, M.; Middleton, P.; Makrides, M.
2007Plasma phospholipid and dietary fatty acids as predictors of type 2 diabetes: interpreting the role of linoleic acidHodge, A.; English, D.; O'Dea, K.; Sinclair, A.; Makrides, M.; Gibson, R.; Giles, G.
2002Optimizing DHA levels in piglets by lowering the linoleic acid to a-linolenic acid ratioBlank, C.; Neumann, M.; Makrides, M.; Gibson, R.
2009The effect of dairy foods on CHD: a systematic review of prospective cohort studiesGibson, R.; Makrides, M.; Smithers, L.; Voevodin, M.; Sinclair, A.
2007Plasma phospholipid fatty acid composition as a biomarker of habitual dietary fat intake in an ethnically diverse cohortHodge, A.; Simpson, J.; Gibson, R.; Sinclair, A.; Makrides, M.; O'Dea, K.; English, D.; Giles, G.