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2009Addition of pH-impedance monitoring to standard pH monitoring increases the yield of symptom association analysis in infants and children with gastroesophageal refluxLoots, C.; Benninga, M.; Davidson, G.; Omari, T.
2004Determination of oligosaccharides and glycolipids in amniotic fluid by electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry: in utero indicators of lysosomal storage diseasesRamsay, S.; Maire, I.; Bindloss, C.; Fuller, M.; Whitfield, P.; Piraud, M.; Hopwood, J.; Meikle, P.
2008Detection of treatable neonatal liver disease by expanded newborn screeningMackay, R.; Bratkovic, D.; Couper, R.; Davidson, G.; Fahy, R.; Fletcher, J.; Ranieri, E.
2004Newborn screening for lysosomal storage disorders: Clinical evaluation of a two-tier strategyMeikle, P.; Ranieri, E.; Simonsen, H.; Rozaklis, T.; Ramsay, S.; Whitfield, P.; Fuller, M.; Christensen, E.; Skovby, F.; Hopwood, J.
2004Can the use of HIV-1 derived gene transfer vectors for clinical application be justified?Fuller, M.; Anson, D.
2003Rational development of a HIV-1 gene therapy vectorAnson, D.; Fuller, M.
2006Tacrolimus ointment does not affect the immediate response to vaccination, the generation of immune memory, or humoral and cell-mediated immunity in childrenHofman, T.; Cranswick, N.; Kuna, P.; Boznanski, A.; Latos, T.; Gold, M.; Murrell, D.; Gebauer, K.; Behre, U.; Machura, E.; Olafsson, J.; Szalai, Z.
2008Hypersensitivity reactions to human papillomavirus vaccine in Australian schoolgirls: retrospective cohort studyKang, L.; Crawford, N.; Tang, M.; Buttery, J.; Royle, J.; Gold, M.; Ziegler, C.; Quinn, P.; Elia, S.; Choo, S.
2004ASCIA guidelines for prevention of food anaphylactic reactions in schools, preschools and child-care centresBaumgart, K.; Brown, S.; Gold, M.; Kemp, A.; Loblay, R.; Loh, R.; Mitrou, D.; Mullins, R.; Peake, J.; Ruhno, J.; Said, M.; Sinclair, J.; Smith, V.; Smith, W.; Solley, G.; Soutter, V.; Tang, M.; Ziegler, J.
2000Recombinant canine a-L-fucosidase: expression, purification, and characterizationBielicki, J.; Muller, V.; Fuller, M.; Hopwood, J.; Anson, D.