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2009Preoperative use of ultrasonography to localize an ingested foreign bodyPiotto, L.; Gent, R.; Kirby, C.; Morris, L.
1988Zellweger syndrome amniocytes - morphological appearance and a simple sedimentation method for prenatal-diagnosisLAZAROW, P.; SMALL, G.; SANTOS, M.; SHIO, H.; MOSER, A.; MOSER, H.; ESTERMAN, A.; BLACK, V.; DANCIS, J.
2014Development of paediatric biochemistry centile charts as a complement to laboratory reference intervalsLoh, T.; Antoniou, G.; Baghurst, P.; Metz, M.
2014Oxygen saturation targeting in preterm infants receiving continuous positive airway pressureLim, K.; Wheeler, K.; Gale, T.; Jackson, H.; Kihlstrand, J.; Sand, C.; Dawson, J.; Dargaville, P.
2013PRRT2 mutation in Japanese children with benign infantile epilepsyOkumura, A.; Shimojima, K.; Kubota, T.; Abe, S.; Yamashita, S.; Imai, K.; Okanishi, T.; Enoki, H.; Fukasawa, T.; Tanabe, T.; Dibbens, L.; Shimizu, T.; Yamamoto, T.
2016An audit of patient-controlled analgesia after appendicectomy in childrenOusley, R.; Burgoyne, L.; Crowley, N.; Teague, W.; Costi, D.
2014Genetics of hereditary neurological disorders in childrenHuang, Y.; Yu, S.; Wu, Z.; Tang, B.
2004Growth and feeding practices of Vietnamese infants in AustraliaNguyen, N. D.; Allen, J. R.; Peat, J. K.; Schofield, W. N.; Nossar, Victor; Eisenbruch, Maurice; Gaskin, K. J.
1995The Adelaide nutrition study 4. Meal habits and distribution of energy and nutrients through the day at ages 11, 13 and 15 yearsMagarey, A. M.; Boulton, T. J. C.
1995The Adelaide nutrition study 3. Food sources of nutrients at ages 11, 13 and 15 yearsMagarey, A. M.; Boulton, T. J. C.