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2015Homozygous mutation of STXBP5L explains an autosomal recessive infantile-onset neurodegenerative disorderKumar, R.; Corbett, M.; Smith, N.; Jolly, L.; Tan, C.; Keating, D.; Duffield, M.; Utsumi, T.; Moriya, K.; Smith, K.; Hoischen, A.; Abbott, K.; Harbord, M.; Compton, A.; Woenig, J.; Arts, P.; Kwint, M.; Wieskamp, N.; Gijsen, S.; Veltman, J.; et al.
2011The capacity of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy to predict natural conceptionVerhoeve, H.; Coppus, S.; van der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Hompes, P.; Bourdrez, P.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.
2013The efficacy and effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring during pregnancy: a systematic reviewVoormolen, D.; DeVries, J.; Evers, I.; Mol, B.; Franx, A.
2012Use of Matrigel in culture affects cell phenotype and gene expression in the first trimester trophoblast cell line HTR8/SVneoHighet, A.; Zhang, V.; Heinemann, G.; Roberts, C.
2005Differential rates of apoptosis in bronchoalveolar lavage and blood of lung transplant patientsHodge, S.; Hodge, G.; Reynolds, P.; Holmes, M.
2002The use of audiotapes in consultations with women from high risk breast cancer families: a randomised trialLobb, E.; Butow, P.; Meiser, B.; Barratt, A.; Kirk, J.; Gattas, M.; Haan, E.; Tucker, K.
2017Antidepressant use in late gestation and breastfeeding rates at discharge from hospitalLeggett, C.; Costi, L.; Morrison, J.; Clifton, V.; Grzeskowiak, L.
2010Interventions for preventing and treating hyperthyroidism in pregnancyEarl, R.; Crowther, C.; Middleton, P.
2009Consulting parents on childhood obesity and implications for medical student learningO'Keefe, M.; Coat, S.
2010Sphingolipids: the nexus between Gaucher disease and insulin resistanceFuller, M.