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Paediatrics publications
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2014Preconception care: promoting reproductive planningDean, S.; Lassi, Z.; Imam, A.; Bhutta, Z.
2008The use of high resolution manometry for the assessment of swallowing in infants and young childrenRommel, N.; Omari, T.
2002Pancreatic disorders and cystic fibrosis: Working Group Report of the First World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and NutritionCouper, R.; Belli, D.; Durie, P.; Gaskin, K.; Sarles, J.; Werlin, S.
2004Adenotonsillectomy in children with mild symptoms: watchful waiting may deny children opportunity for development (letter)Langton-Hewer, S.; Langton-Hewer, C.; Pamula, Y.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.
2018Accounting for twin births in sample size calculations for randomised trialsYelland, L.; Sullivan, T.; Collins, C.; Price, D.; Mcphee, A.; Lee, K.
2000Energy expenditure during physiotherapist-assisted and self-treatment in cystic fibrosisWilliams, M.; Parsons, D.; Frick, R.; Ellis, E.; Martin, A.; Giles, S.; Grant, E.
2000Vitamin E, peroxidative and non-peroxidative free radical damage markers, and sample collection timing in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosisBadcock, N.; Parsons, D.; Staugas, R.; Couper, R.; Aldis, J.
2019Does early compared to late fortification of human milk for preterm infants improve clinical outcomes?Godden, B.; Collins, C.; Hilditch, C.; McLeod, G.; Keir, A.
2012Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with cardiac rupture and tamponade caused by congenital disorder of glycosylation type IaRudaks, L.; Andersen, C.; Khong, T.; Kelly, A.; Fietz, M.; Barnett, C.