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Paediatrics publications
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2002Antioxidant behaviour of thia fatty acidsEaston, C.; Ferrante, A.; Robertson, T.; Xia, L.
2012A qualitative study investigating knowledge and attitudes regarding human papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccine among parents of immunosuppressed childrenSeale, H.; Trung, L.; Mackie, F.; Kennedy, S.; Boros, C.; Marshall, H.; Tidswell, J.; Shaw, P.; Montgomery, K.; MacIntyre, C.
2002α-Mannosidosis in the guinea pig: cloning of the lysosomal α-mannosidase cDNA and identification of a missense mutation causing α-mannosidosisBerg, T.; Hopwood, J.
2009Chronic Respiratory Failure and Neuromuscular DiseaseKennedy, J.; Martin, A.
2019Appropriate management of acute gastroenteritis in Australian children: a population-based studySunderland, N.; Westbrook, J.; Urwin, R.; Knights, Z.; Taitz, J.; Williams, H.; Wiles, L.; Molloy, C.; Hibbert, P.; Ting, H.; Churruca, K.; Arnolda, G.; Braithwaite, J.
2000Determination of acid a-glucosidase protein: evaluation as a screening marker for pompe disease and other lysosomal storage disordersUmapathysivam, K.; Whittle, A.; Ranieri, E.; Bindloss, C.; Ravenscroft, E.; Van Diggelen, O.; Hopwood, J.; Meikle, P.
2002Determination of oligosaccharides in Pompe disease by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryRozaklis, T.; Ramsay, S.; Whitfield, P.; Ranieri, E.; Hopwood, J.; Meikle, P.
1995Immunoglobulin M capture immunoassay in investigation of coxsackie B5 and B6 outbreaks in South AustraliaGoldwater, P.