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2015High incidence of Noonan Syndrome features including short stature and pulmonic stenosis in patients carrying NF1 missense mutations affecting p.Arg1809: genotype-phenotype correlationRojnueangnit, K.; Xie, J.; Gomes, A.; Sharp, A.; Callens, T.; Chen, Y.; Liu, Y.; Cochran, M.; Abbott, M.; Atkin, J.; Babovic-Vuksanovic, D.; Barnett, C.; Crenshaw, M.; Bartholomew, D.; Basel, L.; Bellus, G.; Ben-Shachar, S.; Bialer, M.; Bick, D.; Blumberg, B.; et al.
2003The new medical malpractice crisisCouper, R.
2016Outcomes of truncus arteriosus repair in children: 35 years of experience from a single institutionNaimo, P.; Fricke, T.; Yong, M.; d'Udekem, Y.; Kelly, A.; Radford, D.; Bullock, A.; Weintraub, R.; Brizard, C.; Konstantinov, I.
2014Outcomes of repair of complete atrioventricular septal defect in the current eraXie, O.; Brizard, C.; D'udekem, Y.; Galati, J.; Kelly, A.; Yong, M.; Weintraub, R.; Konstantinov, I.
2015Evaluation of multiple putative risk alleles within the 15q13.3 region for genetic generalized epilepsyDamiano, J.; Mullen, S.; Hildebrand, M.; Bellows, S.; Lawrence, K.; Arsov, T.; Dibbens, L.; Major, H.; Dahl, H.; Mefford, H.; Darbro, B.; Scheffer, I.; Berkovic, S.
2015Five-year antibody persistence and safety after a single dose of combined Haemophilus influenzae Type B Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup C-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine in Haemophilus influenzae Type B-primed toddlersBooy, R.; Nolan, T.; Reynolds, G.; Richmond, P.; Nissen, M.; Marshall, H.; Stoney, T.; Van Der Wielen, M.; Kolhe, D.; Miller, J.
2015Pertactin negative Bordetella pertussis demonstrates higher fitness under vaccine selection pressure in a mixed infection modelSafarchi, A.; Octavia, S.; Luu, L.; Tay, C.; Sintchenko, V.; Wood, N.; Marshall, H.; McIntyre, P.; Lan, R.
2018Histone modifications and their role in epigenetics of atopy and allergic diseasesAlaskhar Alhamwe, B.; Khalaila, R.; Wolf, J.; B├╝low, V.; Harb, H.; Alhamdan, F.; Hii, C.; Prescott, S.; Ferrante, A.; Renz, H.; Garn, H.; Potaczek, D.
2005Prosaposin deficiency - a rarely diagnosed, rapidly progressing, neonatal neurovisceral lipid storage disease. Report of a further patientElleder, M.; Jerabkova, M.; Befekadu, A.; Hrebicek, M.; Berna, L.; Ledvinova, J.; Hulkova, H.; Rosewich, H.; Schymik, N.; Paton, Barbara Cleland; Harzer, K.
2016Influence of sympathetic activity in the control of peripheral microvascular tone in preterm infantsCorbisier De Meautsart, C.; Dyson, R.; Latter, J.; Berry, M.; Clifton, V.; Wright, I.