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2010Small volumes of feed can trigger transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxation and gastroesophageal reflux in the right lateral position in infantsvan Wijk, M.; Benninga, M.; Davidson, G.; Haslam, R.; Omari, T.
2013Efficacy and safety of once-daily esomeprazole for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease in neonatal patientsDavidson, G.; Wenzl, T.; Thomson, M.; Omari, T.; Barker, P.; Lundborg, P.; Illueca, M.
2011Pharyngeal flow interval: a novel impedance-based parameter correlating with aspirationNoll, L.; Rommel, N.; Davidson, G.; Omari, T.
2012Whey- vs casein-based enteral formula and gastrointestinal function in children with cerebral palsySavage, K.; Kritas, S.; Schwarzer, A.; Davidson, G.; Omari, T.
2012Esophageal impedance baselines in infants before and after placebo and proton pump inhibitor therapyLoots, C.; Wijnakker, R.; van Wijk, M.; Davidson, G.; Benninga, M.; Omari, T.
20114-aminobutyrate aminotrasferase (ABAT): genetic and pharmacological evidence for an involvement in gastro esophageal reflux diseaseJirholt, J.; Asling, B.; Hammond, P.; Davidson, G.; Knutsson, M.; Walentinsson, A.; Jensen, J.; Lehmann, A.; Agreus, L.; Lagerstrom-Fermer, M.
2011Is small-bowel bacterial overgrowth an underdiagnosed disorder in children with gastrointestinal symptoms?Jones, H.; Davidson, G.; Brooks, D.; Butler, R.
2011A method to objectively assess swallow function in adults with suspected aspirationOmari, T.; Dejaeger, E.; Van Beckevoort, D.; Goeleven, A.; Davidson, G.; Dent, J.; Tack, J.; Rommel, N.
2011Zinc homeostasis and gut function in children with celiac diseaseTran, C.; Katsikeros, R.; Manton, N.; Krebs, N.; Hambidge, M.; Butler, R.; Davidson, G.
2011Optimisation of the reflux-symptom association statistics for use in infants being investigated by 24-hour pH impedanceOmari, T.; Schwarzer, A.; van Wijk, M.; Benninga, M.; McCall, L.; Kritas, S.; Koletzko, S.; Davidson, G.