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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Expression of Toll-like receptors by neonatal leukocytesDasari, P.; Zola, H.; Nicholson, I.
2012PI16 is expressed by a subset of human memory Treg with enhanced migration to CCL17 and CCL20Nicholson, I.; Mavrangelos, C.; Bird, D.; Bresatz-Atkins, S.; Eastaff-Leung, N.; Grose, R.; Gundsambuu, B.; Hill, D.; Millard, D.; Sadlon, T.; To, S.; Zola, H.; Barry, S.; Krumbiegel, D.
2012Comparison of blood and synovial fluid Th17 and novel peptidase inhibitor 16 Treg cell subsets in juvenile idiopathic arthritisGrose, R.; Millard, D.; Mavrangelos, C.; Barry, S.; Zola, H.; Nicholson, I.; Cham, W.; Boros, C.; Krumbiegel, D.
2012Cytoskeletal protein Flightless (Flii) is elevated in chronic and acute human wounds and wound fluid: neutralizing its activity in chronic but not acute wound fluid improves cellular proliferationRuzehaji, N.; Grose, R.; Krumbiegel, D.; Zola, H.; Dasari, P.; Wallace, H.; Stacey, M.; Fitridge, R.; Cowin, A.
2012Elevated serum cytokine levels using cytometric bead arrays predict culture-positive infections in childhood oncology patients with febrile neutropeniaBadurdeen, S.; Hodge, G.; Osborn, M.; Scott, J.; St John-Green, C.; Tapp, H.; Zola, H.; Revesz, T.
2011Reticulin fibres anchor leukaemic blasts in the marrow of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaNath, S.; Nicholson, I.; Tapp, H.; Zola, H.; Zannettino, A.; Revesz, T.
2011Increased T regulatory cells and decreased Th1 pro-inflammatory cytokines correlate with culture-positive infection in febrile neutropenia childhood oncology patientsHodge, G.; Scott, J.; Osborn, M.; To, L.; Zola, H.; Hodge, S.; Revesz, T.
2013Novel FOXP3 surrogate biomarkers on human TregBresatz, S.; Ang, G.; Eastaff-Leung, N.; Hill, D.; Pederson, S.; Grose, R.; Krumbiegel, D.; Zola, H.; Brown, C.; Sadlon, T.; Barry, S.C.; Australian Gastroenterology Week 2013 (07 Oct 2013 - 09 Oct 2013 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2010Genome-wide identification of human FOXP3 target genes in natural regulatory T cellsSadlon, T.; Wilkinson, B.; Pederson, S.; Brown, C.; Bresatz, S.; Gargett, T.; Melville, E.; Peng, K.; D'Andrea, R.; Glonek, G.; Goodall, G.; Zola, H.; Shannon, F.; Barry, S.