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2008Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional studySpurrier, N.; Magarey, A.; Golley, R.; Curnow, F.; Sawyer, M.
2004The association between maternal ratings of child health interviews and maternal and child characteristicsO'Keefe, M.; Baghurst, P.; Sawyer, M.; Roberton, D.
2007The generalizability of the Youth Self-Report syndrome structure in 23 societiesIvanova, M.; Achenbach, T.; Dumenci, L.; Bilenberg, N.; Broberg, A.; Dopfner, M.; Forns, M.; Kanbayashi, Y.; Leung, P.; Mulatu, M.; Oh, K.; Sawyer, M.; Steinhausen, H.; Metzke, C.; Zilber, N.; Verhulst, F.; Rescorla, L.; Almqvist, F.; Bird, H.; Dobrean, A.; et al.
2002Health-related quality of life of children and adolescents with mental disordersSawyer, M.; Whaites, L.; Rey, J.; Hazell, P.; Graetz, B.; Baghurst, P.
2001The mental health of young people in Australia: key findings from the child and adolescent component on the national survey of mental health and well-beingSawyer, M.; Arney, F.; Baghurst, P.; Clark, J.; Graetz, B.; Kosky, R.; Nurcombe, B.; Patton, G.; Prior, M.; Raphael, B.; Rey, J.; Whaites, L.; Zubrick, S.
2008Comorbities of overweight/obesity in Australian preschoolers: a cross-sectional population studyWake, M.; Hardy, P.; Sawyer, M.; Carlin, J.
2007The mental health of 13-17 year-olds in Australia: findings from the National Survey of Mental Health and Well-BeingSawyer, M.; Miller-Lewis, L.; Clark, J.
2003Subfactors of DSM-IV conduct disorder: Evidence and connections with syndromes from the child behavior checklistTackett, J.; Krueger, R.; Sawyer, M.; Graetz, B.
2007Undergraduate teaching of child and adolescent psychiatry in Australia: survey of current practiceSawyer, M.; Giesen, F.
2006Gender comparisons of service use among youth with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderGraetz, B.; Sawyer, M.; Baghurst, P.; Hirte, C.