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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Recombinant canine a-L-fucosidase: expression, purification, and characterizationBielicki, J.; Muller, V.; Fuller, M.; Hopwood, J.; Anson, D.
2000No evidence for association of 5-HT2A receptor polymorphism with suicideCrawford, J.; Sutherland, G.; Goldney, R.
2000Immunobiology of neonatal natural killer (NK) cellsHan, Ping; Dominguez, E.; Lowdell, M. W.
2000Sjögren's syndrome and other inflammatory lesions of the salivary glandsJonsson, Roland; Ohlsson Teague, Maria; Johannessen, Anne Christine
2000Fca/m receptor mediates endocytosis of IgM-coated microbesShibuya, A.; Sakamoto, N.; Shimizu, Y.; Shibuya, K.; Osawa, M.; Hiroyama, T.; Eyre, H.; Sutherland, G.; Endo, Y.; Fujita, T.; Miyabayashi, T.; Sakana, S.; Tsuji, T.; Nakayama, E.; Phillips, J.; Lanier, L.; Nakauchi, H.
2000Cloning of the cDNA and localization of the gene encoding human NRPB, a ubiquitously expressed, multidomain putative adapter proteinHooper, J.; Baker, E.; Ogbourne, S.; Sutherland, G.; Antalis, T.
2000Immunological effects of factor VIII concentrates: Characterization of transforming growth factor beta as an immunomodulatory contaminant in factor VIII concentrates - ReplyHodge, G.; Flower, R.; Han, P.
2000Biochemical InvestigationsThomas, D.
2000Changes in body composition in adolescents with anorexia nervosa. Comparison of bioelectrical impedance analysis and total body potassiumWotton, M.; Trocki, D.; Thomas, B.; Hammond, P.; Shepherd, R.; Lewindon, P.; Wilcox, J.; Murphy, A.; Cleghorn, G.
2000Immunological applications of flow cytometryZola, H.