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2013Tracheal extubation under deep sevoflurane anesthesia: a novel strategy for weaning difficulties in intensive careSethi, R.; Mahon, S.
2013Why is saline so acidic (and does it really matter?)Reddi, B.
2013Subjective and objective experience of painTan, S.; Cyna, A.
2013Epidural versus continuous transversus abdominis plane catheter technique for postoperative analgesia after abdominal surgeryRao, V.; van Wijk, R.; Moran, J.; Miller, D.
2013Sodium administration in critically ill patients in Australia and New Zealand: A multicentre point prevalence studyBihari, S.; Peake, S.; Seppelt, I.; Williams, P.; Bersten, A.
2013Comparisons between intragastric and small intestinal delivery of enteral nutrition in the critically ill: a systematic review and meta-analysisDeane, A.; Rupinder, D.; Day, A.; Ridley, E.; Davies, A.; Heyland, D.
2013Nerve sheath catheter analgesia for forequarter amputation in paediatric oncology patientsKaddoum, R.; Burgoyne, L.; Pereiras, L.; Germain, M.; Neel, M.; Anghelescu, D.
2013The relationship between patient data and pooled clinical management decisionsLudbrook, G.; O'Loughlin, E.; Grant, C.; Corcoran, T.
2012A randomized controlled trial comparing the AccuVein AV300 device to standard insertion technique for intravenous cannulation of anesthetized childrenKaddoum, R.; Anghelescu, D.; Parish, M.; Wright, B.; Trujillo, L.; Wu, J.; Wu, Y.; Burgoyne, L.
2012Lüer's lure from an international standards perspectiveMilamed, D.; Brown, K.; Murphy, E.
2012Crisis resource management, simulation training and the medical emergency teamGillon, S.; Radford, S.; Chalwin, R.; DeVita, M.; Endacott, R.; Jones, D.
2012The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of liposome bupivacaine administered via a single epidural injection to healthy volunteersViscusi, E.; Candiotti, K.; Onel, E.; Morren, M.; Ludbrook, G.
2012An analysis of computer-assisted pre-screening prior to elective surgeryGrant, C.; Ludbrook, G.; O'Loughlin, E.; Corcoran, T.
2012Does Beta-lactam pharmacokinetic variability in critically ill patients justify therapeutic drug monitoring? A systematic reviewSime, F.; Roberts, M.; Peake, S.; Lipman, J.; Roberts, J.
2012The influence of unrestricted use of sugammadex on clinical anaesthetic practice in a tertiary teaching hospitalWatts, R.; London, J.; van Wijk, R.; Lui, Y.
2012Patients admitted to Australian intensive care units: impact of remoteness and distance travelled on patient outcomeFlabouris, A.; Hart, G.; Nicholls, A.
2012Parent-controlled PCA for pain management in pediatric oncology: Is it safe?Anghelescu, D.; Faughnan, L.; Oakes, L.; Windsor, K.; Pei, D.; Burgoyne, L.
2011Minimally invasive cardiac output monitorsDrummond, K.; Murphy, E.
2011Pharmacological actions of oximino-propofol analogues at GABAB autoreceptorsParker, D.; Marino, V.; Sullivan, T.; Ong, J.; Khalafy, J.; Badali, M.; Rimaz, M.; Prager, R.
2011Opioids, ventilation and acute pain managementMacintyre, P.; Loadsman, J.; Scott, D.