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2000Lobectomy for cavitating lung abscess with haemoptysis: strategy for protecting the contralateral lung and also the non-involved lobe of the ipsilateral lungPfitzner, John; Peacock, Morris J.; Tsirgiotis, E.; Walkley, I. H.
2000Videoscopic lung volume reduction surgery in an Australian public teaching hospitalPorter, S.; Ruffin, R.; Pfitzner, J.; Peacock, M.; Southcott, A.; Homan, S.
2000Psychometric testing of a health survey for field reporting of decompression outcomeDoolette, David J.
2000Can insertion length for a double-lumen endobronchial tube be predicted?Dyer, R.; Heijke, S.; Russell, W.; Bloch, M.; James, M.
2000Ecological interface design for anaesthesia monitoringWatson, M.; Russell, W.; Sanderson, P.
2000In vivo manipulation and continuous measurement of muscle blood flow with venous effluent samplingZheng, D.; Doolette, D.; Upton, R.
2000Development and validation of a recirculatory physiological model of the myocardial concentrations of lignocaine after intravenous administration in sheepUpton, R.; Zheng, D.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
2000A comparison of iatrogenic injury studies in Australia and the USA I: context, methods, casemix, population, patient and hospital characteristicsThomas, E.; Studdert, D.; Runciman, W.; Webb, R.; Sexton, E.; Wilson, R.; Gibberd, R.; Harrison, B.; Brennan, T.
2000Pain relief following day case laparoscopic tubal ligation with intra-peritoneal ropivacaine: a randomised double blind control studyDreher, J.; Nemeth, D.; Limb, R.
2000A comparison of iatrogenic injury studies in Australia and the USA, II: reviewer behaviour and quality of careRunciman, W.; Webb, R.; Helps, S.; Thomas, E.; Sexton, E.; Studdert, D.; Brennan, T.