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2012Automated medical literature retrievalKrumpholz, A.; Hawking, D.; Jones, R.; Gedeon, T.; Greville, H.
2012Automated quantification of atrial fibrillation complexity by probabilistic electrogram analysis and fibrillation wave reconstructionZeemering, S.; Maesen, B.; Nijs, J.; Lau, D.; Granier, M.; Verheule, S.; Schotten, U.
2013Automated quantification of lung structures from optical coherence tomography imagesPagnozzi, A.; Kirk, R.; Kennedy, B.; Sampson, D.; McLaughlin, R.
2018Automatic localization of the left ventricular blood pool centroid in short axis cardiac cine MR imagesTan, L.; Liew, Y.; Lim, E.; Abdul Aziz, Y.; Chee, K.; McLaughlin, R.
2016Autonomic correlations with MRI are abnormal in the brainstem vasomotor centre in Chronic Fatigue SyndromeBarnden, L.; Kwiatek, R.; Crouch, B.; Burnet, R.; Del Fante, P.
2003Autonomic phenomena of temperature regulation in temporal lobe epilepsyStefan, Hermann; Feichtinger, Michael; Black, Andrew B.
2015Autonomic responses to exercise: group III/IV muscle afferents and fatigueSidhu, S.
1997Autonomous thyroid adenoma, papilary thyroid carcinoma, and ectopic parathyroid adenoma in a patient with primary hyperparathyroidism and a nontoxic multinodular goiterKirkwood, I.; Chatterton, B.; Malycha, P.; Guha, S.
2007Autonomy and the family as (in) appropriate surrogates for DNR decisions: A qualitative analysis of dying cancer patients' talkEliott, J.; Olver, I.
2015Autophagy as a pro-death pathwayDenton, D.; Xu, T.; Kumar, S.
2015Autophagy in malignant transformation and cancer progressionGalluzzi, L.; Pietrocola, F.; Bravo-San Pedro, J.; Amaravadi, R.; Baehrecke, E.; Cecconi, F.; Codogno, P.; Debnath, J.; Gewirtz, D.; Karantza, V.; Kimmelman, A.; Kumar, S.; Levine, B.; Maiuri, M.; Martin, S.; Penninger, J.; Piacentini, M.; Rubinsztein, D.; Simon, H.; Simonsen, A.; et al.
2009Autophagy, not apoptosis, is essential for midgut cell death in DrosophilaDenton, D.; Shravage, B.; Simin, R.; Mills, K.; Berry, D.; Baehrecke, E.; Kumar, S.
2019Autophagy-dependent cell deathDenton, D.; Kumar, S.
2016Autosomal dominant hypocalcaemia due to a novel CASR mutation: clinical and genetic implicationsGagliardi, L.; Burt, M.; Feng, J.; Poplawski, N.; Scott, H.
2004Autosomal dominant iron overload due to a novel mutation of ferroportin1 associated with parenchymal iron loading and cirrhosisWallace, D.; Clark, R.; Harley, H.; Subramaniam, V.
2013Autosomal dominant vasovagal syncope: clinical features and linkage to chromosome 15q26Klein, K.; Bromhead, C.; Smith, K.; O'Callaghan, C.; Corcoran, S.; Heron, S.; Iona, X.; Hodgson, B.; McMahon, J.; Lawrence, K.; Scheffer, I.; Dibbens, L.; Bahlo, M.; Berkovic, S.
2016Avascular necrosis after oral corticosteroids in otolaryngology: case report and review of the literatureKennedy, P.; Bassiouni, A.; Psaltis, A.; Antisdel, J.; Brunworth, J.
2016Avoidance of bottles during the establishment of breast feeds in preterm infantsCollins, C.; Gillis, J.; Mcphee, A.; Suganuma, H.; Makrides, M.
2016Avoidance of bottles during the establishment of breast feeds in preterm infantsCollins, C.; Gillis, J.; McPhee, A.; Suganuma, H.; Makrides, M.
2000The avoidance of nephrotoxicityMathew, T.