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1999Isoforms of c-Kit differ in activation of signalling pathways and transformation of NIH3T3 fibroblastsCaruana, G.; Cambareri, A. C.; Ashman, Leonie Kay
2014Isolated hypertrophy of the basal ventricular septum: characteristics of patients with and without outflow tract obstructionRanasinghe, I.; Ayoub, C.; Cheruvu, C.; Freedman, S.; Yiannikas, J.
2014Isolated non-hepatic metastasis from upper gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma: a case for surgical resectionKiu, A.; Lord, A.; Trochsler, M.; Maddern, G.; Kanhere, H.
2005Isolated pulmonary hypertension in sclerodermaCox, S.; Walker, J.; Coleman, M.; Rischmueller, M.; Proudman, S.; Smith, M.; Ahern, M.; Roberts-Thomson, P.
2007Isolated sphenoid fungal sinusitis in a renal transplant recipient presenting with bilateral abducens nerve palsyLi, J.; Yong, T.; Khoo, E.; Russ, G.; Grove, D.; Coates, P.; McDonald, S.
2003Isolated spinal cord lipomaPathi, R.; Kiley, M.; Sage, M.
2016Isolation and Functional Analysis of an Immortalized Murine Cementocyte Cell Line, IDG-CM6Zhao, N.; Nociti, F.; Duan, P.; Prideaux, M.; Zhao, H.; Foster, B.; Somerman, M.; Bonewald, L.
2003Isolation and partial characterization of a pentraxin-like protein with complement-fixing activity from snapper (Pagrus auratus, Sparidae) serumCook, M.; Hayball, P.; Birdseye, L.; Bagley, C.; Nowak, B.; Hayball, J.
1985Isolation and quantitation of carbohydrates in sheep plasma by high-performance liquid chromatographyOWENS, J.; ROBINSON, J.
2004Isolation of a human homolog of osteoclast inhibitory lectin that inhibits the formation and function of osteoclastsHu, Y.; Zhou, H.; Myers, D.; Quinn, J.; Atkins, G.; Ly, C.; Gange, C.; Kartsogiannis, V.; Elliott, J.; Kostakis, P.; Zannettino, A.; Cromer, B.; McKinstry, W.; Findlay, D.; Gillespie, M.; Ng, K.
2018Isolation of circulating fetal trophoblasts using inertial microfluidics for noninvasive prenatal testingWinter, M.; Hardy, T.; Rezaei, M.; Nguyen, V.; Zander, D.; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M.; Thierry, B.
2017Isolation of exosomes and analysis of their surface markers from PAH peripheral blood derived Endothelial Progenitor CellsHarper, R.; Cockshell, M.; Bonder, C.; Reynolds, P.; Australasia Extracellular Vesicle Conference (31 Jan 2017 - 02 Feb 2017 : Lorne, Victoria)
2001Isolation of Helicobacter pylori after transport from a regional laboratory of gastric biopsy specimens in saline, Potagerm pylori or cultured on chocolate agarGrove, D. I.; McLeay, Rufus. A. B.; Byron, Kathleen. E.; Koutsouridis, George.
2016Isolation of osteocytes from human trabecular bonePrideaux, M.; Schutz, C.; Wijenayaka, A.; Findlay, D.; Campbell, D.; Solomon, L.; Atkins, G.
2014Isotonic saline nasal irrigation is an effective adjunctive therapy to intranasal corticosteroid spray in allergic rhinitisNguyen, S.; Psaltis, A.; Schlosser, R.
2014Isotretinoin-induced skeletal hyperostosisGraf, S.; Whittle, S.
2019‘It depends what you mean by leadership’: an analysis of stakeholder perspectives on consumer leadershipStewart, S.; Scholz, B.; Gordon, S.; Happell, B.
2014It IS worth the effort: patient knowledge of reproductive aspects of inflammatory bowel disease improves dramatically after a single group education sessionMountifield, R.; Andrews, J.; Bampton, P.
2012"It's a tube up your bottom; it makes people nervous": the experience of anxiety in initial colonoscopy patientsMikocka-Walus, A.; Moulds, L.; Rollbusch, N.; Andrews, J.
2012"It's just a big bone island ... isn't it?" - sclerotic lesions of the jawsConstantine, S.; Clark, B.; Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology 2012 and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting (30 Aug 2012 - 02 Sep 2012 : Sydney, NSW)