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1996International symposium on growth factors and wound healing: Basic Science and Clinical ApplicationsBelford, David Andrew
2015International trends in patient selection for elective endovascular aneurysm repair: sicker patients with safer anatomy leading to improved 1-year survivalFitridge, R.; Boult, M.; Mackillop, C.; De Loryn, T.; Barnes, M.; Cowled, P.; Thompson, M.; Holt, P.; Karthikesalingam, A.; Sayers, R.; Choke, E.; Boyle, J.; Forbes, T.; Novick, T.
2009International validation of a health-related quality of life questionnaire in patients with erosive gastro-oesophageal reflux diseaseHoltmann, G.; Chassany, O.; Devault, K.; Schmitt, H.; Gebauer, U.; Doerfler, H.; Malagelada, J.
2013International validation of the EORTC QLQ-ELD14 questionnaire for assessment of health-related quality of life elderly patients with cancerWheelwright, S.; Darlington, A.; Fitzsimmons, D.; Fayers, P.; Arraras, J.; Bonnetain, F.; Brain, E.; Bredart, A.; Chie, W.; Giesinger, J.; Hammerlid, E.; O'Connor, S.; Oerlemans, S.; Pallis, A.; Reed, M.; Singhal, N.; Vassiliou, V.; Young, T.; Johnson, C.
2015An international, multicentre evaluation and description of Burkholderia pseudomallei infection in cystic fibrosisGeake, J.; Reid, D.; Currie, B.; Bell, S.; Bright-Thomas, R.; Dewar, J.; Holden, S.; Simmonds, N.; Gyi, K.; Kenna, D.; Waters, V.; Jackson, M.; O'Sullivan, B.; Taccetti, G.; Kolbe, J.; O'Carroll, M.; Campbell, D.; Jaksic, M.; Radhakrishna, N.; Kidd, T.; et al.
2016Internet use by patients with bipolar disorder: results from an international multisite surveyBauer, R.; Conell, J.; Glenn, T.; Alda, M.; Ardau, R.; Baune, B.; Berk, M.; Bersudsky, Y.; Bilderbeck, A.; Bocchetta, A.; Bossini, L.; Castro, A.; Cheung, E.; Chillotti, C.; Choppin, S.; Del Zompo, M.; Dias, R.; Dodd, S.; Duffy, A.; Etain, B.; et al.
2014Interobserver variability by pathologists in the distinction between cellular fibroadenomas and phyllodes tumorsLawton, T.; Acs, G.; Argani, P.; Farshid, G.; Gilcrease, M.; Goldstein, N.; Koerner, F.; Rowe, J.; Sanders, M.; Shah, S.; Reynolds, C.
2017Interplay between CCR7 and Notch1 axes promotes stemness in MMTV-PyMT mammary cancer cellsBoyle, S.; Gieniec, K.; Gregor, C.; Faulkner, J.; McColl, S.; Kochetkova, M.
2016Interplay between oxidative stress and inflammation in cardiometabolic syndromeSverdlov, A.; Figtree, G.; Horowitz, J.; Ngo, D.
2019Interplay between the androgen receptor signaling axis and microRNAs in prostate cancerFernandes, R.C.; Hickey, T.E.; Tilley, W.D.; Selth, L.A.
2015Interpretation of an extended autoantibody profile in a well-characterized Australian systemic sclerosis (Scleroderma) cohort using principal components analysisPatterson, K.; Roberts-Thomson, P.; Lester, S.; Tan, J.; Hakendorf, P.; Rischmueller, M.; Zochling, J.; Sahhar, J.; Nash, P.; Roddy, J.; Hill, C.; Nikpour, M.; Stevens, W.; Proudman, S.; Walker, J.
2012Interpreting different measures of glomerular filtration rate in obesity and weight loss: pitfalls for the clinicianJesudason, D.; Clifton, P.
2004Interpreting incidence trends for treated end-stage renal disease: implications for evaluating disease control in AustraliaStewart, J.; McCredie, M.; Williams, S.; McDonald, S.
2015Interprofessional education: does recent literature from rural settings offer insights into what really matters?Croker, A.; Hudson, J.
2016Interprofessional learning: for and with patientsHudson, J.; Lethbridge, A.; Vella, S.; Caputi, P.
2006The interrelation of birth weight and regional lipid deposition: a twins studyHng, T.; McLean, M.; Cheung, N.; Thompson, C.
2009Interruptions and blood transfusion checks: lessons from the simulated operating roomLiu, D.; Grundgeiger, T.; Sanderson, P.; Jenkins, S.; Leane, T.
2010Interstitial lung disease in Sjogren's syndromeNikpour, M.; Proudman, S.M.; Goh, N.S.; Moutsopoulos, H.M.
2020Interventional low-dose azithromycin attenuates cigarette smoke-induced emphysema and lung inflammation in miceMacowan, M.G.; Liu, H.; Keller, M.D.; Ween, M.; Hamon, R.; Tran, H.B.; Hodge, S.
2016Interventions for adolescent mental health: an overview of systematic reviewsDas, J.; Salam, R.; Lassi, Z.; Khan, M.; Mahmood, W.; Patel, V.; Bhutta, Z.