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2007F-18 FDG PET/CT detection of mediastinal malignancy in a patient with dermatomyositisLiau, N.; Ooi, C.; Reid, C.; Kirkwood, I.; Bartholomeusz, F.
2015¹⁸F-FDG-PET/CT and ¹⁸F-NaF-PET/CT in men with castrate-resistant prostate cancerZukotynski, K.; Kim, C.; Gerbaudo, V.; Hainer, J.; Taplin, M.-.E.; Kantoff, P.; den Abbeele, A.; Seltzer, S.; Sweeney, C.
2015[¹⁸F]-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography computed tomography of LAPC4-CR castration-resistant prostate cancer xenograft mod in soft tissue compartmentsMcCall, K.; Cheng, S.; Huang, Y.; Kohf, N.; Tupper, T.; Van den Abbeele, A.; Zukotynski, K.; Sweeney, C.
2013Facial bradykinesiaBologna, M.; Fabbrini, G.; Marsili, L.; Defazio, G.; Thompson, P.; Beradelli, A.
2014Facile and rapid ruthenium mediated photo-crosslinking of Bombyx mori silk fibroinWhittaker, J.; Choudhury, N.; Dutta, N.; Zannettino, A.
2012Facilitated physical activity as a treatment for depressed adults: randomised controlled trialChalder, M.; Wiles, N.; Campbell, J.; Hollinghurst, S.; Haase, A.; Taylor, A.; Fox, K.; Costelloe, C.; Searle, A.; Baxter, H.; Winder, R.; Wright, C.; Turner, K.; Calnan, M.; Lawlor, D.; Peters, T.; Sharp, D.; Montgomery, A.; Lewis, G.
2013Factor analysis is more appropriate to identify overall dietary patterns associated with diabetes when compared with treelet transform analysis¹⁻³Schoenaker, D.; Dobson, A.; Soedamah-Muthu, S.; Mishra, G.
2011Factor structure and validity of the shoulder pain and disability index in a population-based study of people with shoulder symptomsHill, C.; Lester, S.; Taylor, A.; Shanahan, M.; Gill, T.
2015Factors associated with 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in patients with liver cirrhosisSilva, M.; Silva, T.; de Alentar, M.; Coelho, M.; Wildner, L.; Bazzo, M.; González-Chica, D.; Dantas-Corrêa, E.; Narciso-Schiavon, J.; Schiavon, L.
2016Factors associated with disability in rural Bangladesh: Bangladesh population-based diabetes and eye study (BPDES)Islam, F.; Bhowmik, J.; Islam, S.; Renzaho, A.; Hiller, J.
2015Factors associated with higher sitting time in general, chronic disease, and psychologically-distressed, adult populations: findings from the 45 & up studyPlotnikoff, R.; Costigan, S.; Short, C.; Grunseit, A.; James, E.; Johnson, N.; Bauman, A.; D'Este, C.; Van Der Ploeg, H.; Rhodes, R.
2000Factors associated with hospital admissions and repeat emergency department visits for adults with asthmaAdams, R.; Smith, B.; Ruffin, R.
2017Factors associated with oral glucocorticoid use in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a drug use study from a prospective national biologics registryBlack, R.; Lester, S.; Buchbinder, R.; Barrett, C.; Lassere, M.; March, L.; Whittle, S.; Hill, C.
2002Factors associated with severity of hepatic fibrosis in people with chronic hepatitis C infectionDanta, M.; Dore, G.; Hennessy, L.; Li, Y.; Vickers, C.; Harley, H.; Ngu, M.; Reed, W.; Desmond, P.; Sievert, W.; Farrell, G.; Kaldor, J.; Batey, R.
2012Factors associated with the epidemic of hospitalizations due to atrial fibrillationWong, C.; Brooks, A.; Lau, D.; Leong, D.; Sun, M.; Sullivan, T.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sanders, P.
2009Factors for consideration in developing a plan to cope with mass burn casualtiesGreenwood, J.; Mackie, I.
2013Factors influencing health care utilisation among Aboriginal cardiac patients in central Australia: a qualitative studyArtuso, S.; Cargo, M.; Brown, A.; Daniel, M.
1998Factors influencing the ability of HDL to inhibit the expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in endothelial cellsAshby, D.; Rye, K.A.; Clay, M.; Vadas, M.; Gamble, J.; Barter, P.
2004Factors influencing the implementation of quality use of medicines in residential aged careCheek, J.; Gilbert, A.; Ballantyne, A.; Penhall, R.
2017Factors influencing women's preferences for subsequent management in the event of incomplete evacuation of the uterus after misoprostol treatment for miscarriageHentzen, J.; Verschoor, M.; Lemmers, M.; Ankum, W.; Mol, B.; van Wely, M.