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2009G protein-coupled receptor kinase 6 controls post-inflammatory visceral hyperalgesiaEijkelkamp, N.; Heijnen, C.; Elsenbruch, S.; Holtmann, G.; Schedlowski, M.; Kavelaars, A.
2017G-CSF receptor blockade ameliorates arthritic pain and diseaseLee, M.; McCubbin, J.; Christensen, A.; Poole, D.; Rajasekhar, P.; Lieu, T.; Bunnett, N.; Garcia Caraballo, S.; Erickson, A.; Brierley, S.; Saleh, R.; Achuthan, A.; Fleetwood, A.; Anderson, R.; Hamilton, J.; Cook, A.
2004G-protein β3 subunit 825CC genotype is associated with unexplained (functional) dyspepsiaHoltmann, G.; Siffert, W.; Haag, S.; Mueller, N.; Langkafel, M.; Senf, W.; Zotz, R.; Talley, N.
2000GABAB receptor-mediated effects on vagal pathways to the lower oesophageal sphincter and heartBlackshaw, L.; Smid, S.; Dent, J.; O'Donnell, T.
2000GABAB receptors - peripheral and central targets for controlling gastroesophageal refluxBlackshaw, L.; Page, A.; Smid, S.; Dent, J.; Lehmann, A.
1999GABAB Receptors Inhibit Mechanosensitivity of Primary Afferent EndingsPage, A.; Blackshaw, L.
2001GABAB receptors on vagal afferent pathways: peripheral and central inhibitionPartosoedarso, E.; Young, R.; Blackshaw, L.
2001GABABR expressed on vagal afferent neurones inhibit gastric mechanosensitivity in ferret proximal stomachSmid, S.; Young, R.; Isaacs, N.; Blackshaw, L.
2013GADD45A methylation predicts poor overall survival in acute myeloid leukemia and is associated with IDH1/2 and DNMT3A mutationsPerugini, M.; Iarossi, D.; Kok, C.; Cummings, N.; Diakiw, S.; Brown, A.; Danner, S.; Bardy, P.; To, L.; Wei, A.; Lewis, I.; D'Andrea, R.
2008Gain and loss of gastrointestinal symptoms in diabetes mellitus: associations with psychiatric disease, glycemic control, and autonomic neuropathy over 2 years of follow-upQuan, C.; Talley, N.; Jones, M.; Spies, J.; Horowitz, M.
2001Gait disorders accompanying diseases of the frontal lobesThompson, P.
2013Galactomannan and PCR versus culture and histology for directing use of antifungal treatment for invasive aspergillosis in high-risk haematology patients: a randomised controlled trialMorrissey, C.; Chen, S.; Sorrell, T.; Milliken, S.; Bardy, P.; Bradstock, K.; Szer, J.; Halliday, C.; Gilroy, N.; Moore, J.; Schwarer, A.; Guy, S.; Bajel, A.; Tramontana, A.; Spelman, T.; Slavin, M.
2019Galectin-3 is associated with stage B metabolic heart disease and pulmonary hypertension in young obese patientsGopal, D.M.; Ayalon, N.; Wang, Y.-.C.; Siwik, D.; Sverdlov, A.; Donohue, C.; Perez, A.; Downing, J.; Apovian, C.; Silva, V.; Panagia, M.; Kolachalama, V.; Ho, J.E.; Liang, C.-.S.; Gokce, N.; Colucci, W.S.
1995Gallium-67 complexes as radioactive markers for assessment of gastric and colonic transitBellen, J.; Chatterton, B.; Penglis, S.; Tsopelas, C.
2006Gangrene after inadvertent Intraarterial injection of amphetamine: Appearance on a three-phase Tc-99m MDP bone scanRubino, V.; Kirkwood, I.; Bellon, M.; Chatterton, B.
2017Gaps and barriers in health-care provision for co-morbid diabetes and chronic kidney disease: a cross-sectional studyLo, C.; Teede, H.; Fulcher, G.; Gallagher, M.; Kerr, P.; Ranasinha, S.; Russell, G.; Walker, R.; Zoungas, S.
2016Gaq signaling is required for the maintenance of MLL-AF9-induced acute myeloid leukemiaLynch, J.; Yi, H.; Casolari, D.; Voli, F.; Gonzales-Aloy, E.; Fung, T.; Liu, B.; Brown, A.; Liu, T.; Haber, M.; Norris, M.; Lewis, I.; So, C.; D'Andrea, R.; Wang, J.
2012Garcinia buchananii bark extract is an effective anti-diarrheal remedy for lactose-induced diarrheaBoakye, P.; Brierley, S.; Pasilis, S.; Balemba, O.
2017Gas-containing gallstones: a radiological findingMarshall-Webb, M.; Fosh, B.
1997Gastric and intestinal motility disordersHorowitz, M.; Camilleri, M.