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2011K-Ras Mediated murine epidermal tumorigenesis is dependent upon and associated with elevated Rac1 activitySamuel, M.; Lourenco, F.; Olson, M.
2008K-ras mutations and benefit from cetuximab in advanced colorectal cancerKarapetis, C.; Khambata-Ford, S.; Jonker, D.; O'Callaghan, C.; Tu, D.; Tebbutt, N.; Simes, R.; Chalchal, H.; Shapiro, J.; Robitaille, S.; Price, T.; Shepherd, L.; Au, H.; Langer, C.; Moore, M.; Zalcberg, J.
2016Kaffir lime leaves extract inhibits biofilm formation by Streptococcus mutansKooltheat, N.; Kamuthachad, L.; Anthapanya, M.; Samakchan, N.; Sranujit, R.; Potup, P.; Ferrante, A.; Usuwanthim, K.
2020KARAOKE: Krill oil versus placebo in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: protocol for a randomised controlled trialLaslett, L.; Antony, B.; Wluka, A.; Hill, C.; March, L.; Keen, H.; Otahal, P.; Cicuttini, F.; Jones, G.
2017Katanin-like 2 (KATNAL2) functions in multiple aspects of haploid male germ cell development in the mouseDunleavy, J.E.; Okuda, H.; O'Connor, A.E.; Merriner, D.J.; O'Donnell, L.; Jamsai, D.; Bergmann, M.; O'Bryan, M.K.
2012KATNAL1 regulation of sertoli cell microtubule dynamics is essential for spermiogenesis and male fertilitySmith, L.; Milne, L.; Nelson, N.; Eddie, S.; Brown, P.; Atanassova, N.; O'Bryan, M.; O'Donnell, L.; Rhodes, D.; Wells, S.; Napper, D.; Nolan, P.; Lalanne, Z.; Cheeseman, M.; Peters, J.
2014KATNB1 in the human testis and its genetic variants in fertile and oligoasthenoteratozoospermic infertile menO'Donnell, L.; McLachlan, R.; Merriner, D.; O'Bryan, M.; Jamsai, D.
2017Kazakhstan can achieve ambitious HIV targets despite expected donor withdrawal by combining improved ART procurement mechanisms with allocative and implementation efficienciesShattock, A.; Benedikt, C.; Bokazhanova, A.; Durić, P.; Petrenko, I.; Ganina, L.; Kelly, S.; Stuart, R.; Kerr, C.; Vinichenko, T.; Zhang, S.; Hamelmann, C.; Manova, M.; Masaki, E.; Wilson, D.; Gray, R.
2016KCNT1 mutations in seizure disorders: the phenotypic spectrum and functional effectsLim, C.; Ricos, M.; Dibbens, L.; Heron, S.
2019Kelch-like protein 5-mediated ubiquitination of lysine 183 promotes proteasomal degradation of sphingosine kinase 1Powell, J.A.; Pitman, M.R.; Zebol, J.R.; Moretti, P.A.; Neubauer, H.A.; Davies, L.T.; Lewis, A.C.; Dagley, L.F.; Webb, A.I.; Costabile, M.; Pitson, S.M.
2017Keratin 5 overexpression is associated with serous ovarian cancer recurrence and chemotherapy resistanceRicciardelli, C.; Lokman, N.; Pyragius, C.; Ween, M.; Macpherson, A.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Hoffmann, P.; Oehler, M.
2016Key findings from the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and WellbeingLawrence, D.; Hafekost, J.; Johnson, S.; Saw, S.; Buckingham, W.; Sawyer, M.; Ainley, J.; Zubrick, S.
2014Keyhole limpet haemocyanin - A model antigen for human immunotoxicological studiesSwaminathan, A.; Lucas, R.; Dear, K.; McMichael, A.
2007Kidney transplant rejection in Australia and New Zealand: Relationships between rejection and graft outcomeMcDonald, S.; Russ, G.; Campbell, S.; Chadban, S.
2014Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease: an esoteric cause of fever and lymphadenopathy in the young patientIrish, G.; Kirchner, S.; Graf, S.; Tadros, R.
2004The kinase Grk2 regulates Nedd4/Nedd4-2-dependent control of epithelial Na+ channelsDinudom, A.; Fotia, A.; Lefkowitz, R.; Young, J.; Kumar, S.; Cook, D.
2007Kinases and protein phosphorylation as regulators of steroid hormone actionWeigel, N.; Moore, N.
2012Kinematic evaluation of one- and two-level Maverick lumbar total disc replacement caudal to a long thoracolumbar spinal fusionZhu, Q.; Itshayek, E.; Jones, C.; Schwab, T.; Larson, C.; Lenke, L.; Cripton, P.
2008Kinetics of monoclonal anti-epidermal growth factor receptor antibody (IOR EGF/R3)-induced apoptosis in human carcinoma bearing nude miceDuconge, J.; Merino, N.; Alvarez, D.; Beausoleil, I.; Fernandez-Sanchez, E.; Rodriguez, L.; Burt, A.
2015KIR2DL5B genotype predicts outcomes in CML patients treated with response-directed sequential imatinib/nilotinib strategyYeung, D.; Tang, C.; Vidovic, L.; White, D.; Branford, S.; Hughes, T.; Yong, A.