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2018O-GlcNAc transferase missense mutations linked to X-linked intellectual disability deregulate genes involved in cell fate determination and signalingSelvan, N.; George, S.; Serajee, F.; Shaw, M.; Hobson, L.; Kalscheuer, V.; Prasad, N.; Levy, S.; Taylor, J.; Aftimos, S.; Schwartz, C.; Huq, A.; Gecz, J.; Wells, L.
2014Obesity - a natural consequence of human evolutionHenneberg, M.; Grantham, J.
2013Obesity and atrial fibrillationAbed, H.; Wittert, G.
2017Obesity and atrial fibrillation outcomes and risk: increasing the weight of evidenceNalliah, C.; Sanders, P.; Kalman, J.
2017Obesity and atrial fibrillation prevalence, pathogenesis, and prognosis: effects of weight loss and exerciseLavie, C.; Pandey, A.; Lau, D.; Alpert, M.; Sanders, P.
2020Obesity and gender-biased access to deceased donor kidney transplantationLadhani, M.; Craig, J.C.; Wong, G.
2008Obesity and hypertriglyceridemia produce cognitive impairmentFarr, S.; Yamada, K.; Butterfield, D.; Abdul, H.; Xu, L.; Miller, N.; Banks, W.; Morley, J.
2017Obesity and periodontal outcomes: a population-based cohort study in BrazilNascimento, G.; Peres, K.; Mittinty, M.; Mejia, G.; Silva, D.; Gonzalez-Chica, D.; Peres, M.
2015Obesity and polycystic ovary syndromeNaderpoor, N.; Shorakae, S.; Joham, A.; Boyle, J.; De Courten, B.; Teede, H.
2013Obesity and risk of ovarian cancer subtypes: evidence from the Ovarian Cancer Association ConsortiumOlsen, C.; Nagle, C.; Whiteman, D.; Ness, R.; Pearce, C.; Pike, M.; Rossing, M.; Terry, K.; Wu, A.; Australian Cancer Study (Ovarian Cancer); Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; Risch, H.; Yu, H.; Doherty, J.; Chang-Claude, J.; Hein, R.; Nickels, S.; Wang-Gohrke, S.; Goodman, M.; Carney, M.; et al.
2010Obesity and testicular functionMah, P.; Wittert, G.
2008Obesity and the effects of choice at a fast food restaurantBrindal, E.; Mohr, P.; Wilson, C.; Wittert, G.
2006Obesity and the metabolic syndromeWittert, G.
2017Obesity and the risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysisLadhani, M.; Craig, J.; Irving, M.; Clayton, P.; Wong, G.
2015Obesity and the risk of incident, post-operative, and post-ablation atrial fibrillation: a meta-analysis of 626,603 individuals in 51 studiesWong, C.; Sullivan, T.; Sun, M.; Mahajan, R.; Pathak, R.; Middeldorp, M.; Twomey, D.; Ganesan, A.; Rangnekar, G.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.
2008Obesity and time-inconsistent preferencesDodd, M.
2016The obesity associated FTO gene variant and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes: evidence from the SCOPE studyAndraweera, P.; Dekker, G.; Leemaqz, S.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.
2008Obesity effects on depression: systematic review of epidemiological studiesAtlantis, E.; Baker, M.
2009The obesity epidemic: implications for recruitment and retention of defence force personnelMcLaughlin, R.; Wittert, G.
2018Obesity in inflammatory bowel disease: gains in adiposity despite high prevalence of Myopenia and OsteopeniaBryant, R.; Schultz, C.; Ooi, S.; Goess, C.; Costello, S.; Vincent, A.; Schoeman, S.; Lim, A.; Bartholomeusz, F.; Travis, S.; Andrews, J.