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2013QT dispersion: a predictor of coronary artery diseaseRaman, B.; Tavella, R.; Shekar, V.; Zhuang, C.; Som, A.; Ong, E.; Beltrame, J.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (61st : 2013 : Gold Coast, Queensland)
2012Qualitative content analysis of complementary topical therapies used to manage diabetic foot in JordanAbu-Qamar, M.; Wilson, A.
2015Qualitative literature review of the prevalence of depression in medical students compared to students in non-medical degreesBacchi, S.; Licinio, J.
2019Qualitative perspectives on the sustainability of sexual health continuous quality improvement in clinics serving remote Aboriginal communities in AustraliaGunaratnam, P.; Schierhout, G.; Brands, J.; Maher, L.; Bailie, R.; Ward, J.; Guy, R.; Rumbold, A.; Ryder, N.; Fairley, C.; Donovan, B.; Moore, L.; Kaldor, J.; Bell, S.
2014A qualitative study investigating chemotherapy-induced nausea as a symptom clusterOlver, I.; Eliott, J.; Koczwara, B.
2019A qualitative study on the transition support needs of Indigenous Australians following traumatic brain injuryFitts, M.; Bird, K.; Gilroy, J.; Fleming, J.; Clough, A.; Esterman, A.; Maruff, P.; Fatima, Y.; Bohanna, I.
2013A qualitative synthesis of trials promoting physical activity behaviour change among post-treatment breast cancer survivorsShort, C.; James, E.; Stacey, F.; Plotnikoff, R.
2008Qualities men value when communicating with general practitioners: implications for primary care settingsSmith, J.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Wittert, G.; Warin, M.
2003Quality assurance experience with the randomized neuropathic bone pain trial (Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group, 96.05)Roos, D.; Davis, S.; Turner, S.; O'Brien, P.; Spry, N.; Burmeister, B.; Hoskin, P.; Ball, D.
2014A quality assurance program for an amorphous silicon electronic portal imaging device using in-house developed phantoms: a method development for dosimetry purposeJomehzadeh, A.; Shokrani, P.; Mohammadi, M.; Amouheidari, A.
2014Quality of life (qol) in patients with malignant dysphagia receiving radiotherapy alone versus chemoradiotherapy: an international randomized trial: trog (03.01) ncic ctg (es2)Wong, R.K.S.; Au, H.J.; Ding, K.; Harvey, J.A.; Stephens, S.; O'Callaghan, C.J.; Kneebone, A.; Ngan, S.; Ward, I.; Roy, R.; Sullivan, T.R.; Nijjar, T.; Biagi, J.J.; Mulroy, L.; Penniment, M.G.
2014Quality of life among participants of a multi-centre RCT comparing portable oxygen concentrators to portable oxygen cylindersLawton, K.; Kotal, L.; Nguyen, H.; Jurisevic, M.; Segal, L.; Liversidge, C.; Alexander, S.; Keatley, D.; Kidd, P.; Liu, X.; Carson, K.; Brinn, M.; Esterman, A.; Veale, A.; Smith, B.; 2014 Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand and the Australian & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science Annual Scientific Meetings (04 Apr 2014 - 09 Apr 2014 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2019Quality of life assessment in esophageal atresia patients: a systematic review focusing on long-gap esophageal atresiaTan Tanny, S.; Comella, A.; Hutson, J.; Omari, T.; Teague, W.; King, S.
2001Quality of life in asthma: A comparison of community and hospital asthma patientsAdams, R.; Wakefield, M.; Wilson, D.; Parsons, J.; Campbell, D.; Smith, B.; Ruffin, R.
2014Quality of life of women with lower limb swelling or lymphedema 3-5years following endometrial cancerRowlands, I.J.; Beesley, V.L.; Janda, M.; Hayes, S.C.; Obermair, A.; Quinn, M.A.; Brand, A.; Leung, Y.; McQuire, L.; Webb, P.M.
2013Quality of life of young adults and adolescents with chronic kidney diseaseTong, A.; Wong, G.; McTaggart, S.; Henning, P.; Mackie, F.; Carroll, R.; Howard, K.; Craig, J.
2008Quality of Life with PCI versus Medical Therapy in Stable Coronary DiseaseBeltrame, J.; Tavella, R.; Cutri, N.
2011Quality of life, geriatric assessment and survival in elderly patients with non-small-cell lung cancer treated with carboplatin-gemcitabine or carboplatin-paclitaxel: NVALT-3 a phase III studyBiesma, B.; Wymenga, A.; Vincent, A.; Dalesio, O.; Smit, H.; Stigt, J.; Smit, E.; van Felius, C.; van Putten, J.; Slaets, J.; Groen, H.
2015Quality of reporting of interventional animal studies in rheumatology: a systematic review using the ARRIVE guidelinesTing, K.; Hill, C.; Whittle, S.
2007Quality of reporting of randomized clinical trials in abstracts of the 2005 annual meeting of the american college of rheumatologyHill, C.; Buchbinder, R.; Osborne, R.