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2007S100A8/S100A9 and their association with cartilage and boneZreiqat, H.; Howlett, C.; Gronthos, S.; Hume, D.; Geczy, C.
2016Safe management of expressed breast milk: a systematic reviewPeters, M.; McArthur, A.; Munn, Z.
2012Safety and acceptability of suprascapular nerve block in rheumatology patientsShanahan, E.; Shanahan, K.; Hill, C.; Ahern, M.; Smith, M.
2013Safety and efficacy of a multi-electrode renal sympathetic denervation system in resistant hypertension: The EnligHTN I trialWorthley, S.; Tsioufis, C.; Worthley, M.; Sinhal, A.; Chew, D.; Meredith, I.; Malaiapan, Y.; Papademetriou, V.
2013Safety and efficacy of imatinib cessation for CML patients with stable undetectable minimal residual disease: results from the TWISTER studyRoss, D.; Branford, S.; Seymour, J.; Schwarer, A.; Arthur, C.; Yeung, D.; Dang, P.; Goyne, J.; Slader, C.; Filshie, R.; Mills, A.; Vaz de Melo, J.; White, D.; Grigg, A.; Hughes, T.
2014Safety and efficacy of progressive resistance training in breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisCheema, B.; Kilbreath, S.; Fahey, P.; Delaney, G.; Atlantis, E.
2014Safety and efficacy of switching to nilotinib 400 mg twice daily for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase with suboptimal response or failure on front-line imatinib or nilotinib 300 mg twice dailyHughes, T.; Hochhaus, A.; Kantarjian, H.; Cervantes, F.; Guilhot, F.; Niederwieser, D.; Le Coutre, P.; Rosti, G.; Ossenkoppele, G.; Lobo, C.; Shibayama, H.; Fan, X.; Menssen, H.; Kemp, C.; Larson, R.; Saglio, G.
2014Safety and efficacy of topical bacteriophage and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid treatment of Staphylococcus aureus infection in a sheep model of sinusitisDrilling, A.; Morales, S.; Boase, S.; Jervis-Bardy, J.; James, C.; Jardeleza, C.; Tan, N.; Cleland, E.; Speck, P.; Vreugde, S.; Wormald, P.
2019Safety and immunogenicity of MF59-adjuvanted cell culture-derived A/H5N1 subunit influenza virus vaccine: dose-finding clinical trials in adults and the elderlyFrey, S.; Shakib, S.; Chanthavanich, P.; Richmond, P.; Smith, T.; Tantawichien, T.; Kittel, C.; Jaehnig, P.; Mojares, Z.; Verma, B.; Kanesa-Thasan, N.; Hohenboken, M.
2011Safety and pharmacokinetics of motesanib in combination with gemcitabine and erlotinib for the treatment of solid tumors: a phase 1b studyKotasek, D.; Tebbutt, N.; Desai, J.; Welch, S.; Siu, L.; McCoy, S.; Sun, Y.; Johnson, J.; Adewoye, A.; Price, T.
2008Safety and pharmacokinetics of motesanib in combination with gemcitabine for the treatment of patients with solid tumoursPrice, T.; Lipton, L.; McGreivy, J.; McCoy, S.; Sun, Y.; Rosenthal, M.
2019Safety and tolerability of bacteriophage therapy for chronic rhinosinusitis due to staphylococcus aureusOoi, M.; Drilling, A.; Morales, S.; Fong, S.; Moraitis, S.; MacIas-Valle, L.; Vreugde, S.; Psaltis, A.; Wormald, P.
2014Safety evaluation of a sinus surfactant in an explant-based cytotoxicity assayTan, N.; Cooksley, C.; Paramasivan, S.; Vreugde, S.; Wormald, P.
2012The safety of flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy and proceduralist-administered sedation: a tertiary referral centre experienceDang, D.; Robinson, P.; Winnicki, S.; Jersmann, H.
2019The safety of influenza and pertussis vaccination in pregnancy in a cohort of Australian mother-infant pairs, 2012-2015: the FluMum studyMcHugh, L.; Marshall, H.S.; Perrett, K.P.; Nolan, T.; Wood, N.; Lambert, S.B.; Richmond, P.; Ware, R.S.; Binks, P.; Binks, M.J.; Andrews, R.M.
2020Safety of meningococcal B vaccine (4CMenB) in adolescents in AustraliaMarshall, H.; Koehler, A.; Wang, B.; A'Houre, M.; Gold, M.; Quinn, H.; Crawford, N.; Pratt, N.; Sullivan, T.; Macartney, K.
2012Safety of peginterferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin in a large multinational cohort of chronic hepatitis C patientsLee, S.; Roberts, S.; Berak, H.; Dusheiko, G.; Harley, H.; Gane, E.; Husa, P.; Horsmans, Y.; Hadziyannis, S.; Jenny Heathcote, E.; Messinger, D.; Tatsch, F.; Han, K.; Ferenci, P.
2014Safety of varenicline tartrate and counseling versus counseling alone for smoking cessation: a randomized controlled trial for inpatients (STOP Study)Carson, K.; Smith, B.; Brinn, M.; Peters, M.; Fitridge, R.; Koblar, S.; Jannes, J.; Singh, K.; Veale, A.; Goldsworthy, S.; Litt, J.; Edwards, D.; Hnin, K.; Esterman, A.
2015Safety profile of a miniaturized insertable cardiac monitor: results from two prospective trialsMittal, S.; Sanders, P.; Pokushalov, E.; Dekker, L.; Kereiakes, D.; Schloss, E.; Pouliot, E.; Franco, N.; Zhong, Y.; Di Bacco, M.; PĆ¼rerfellner, H.
2020Safety profile of a multi-antigenic DNA vaccine against hepatitis C virusGummow, J.; Masavuli, M.; Mekonnen, Z.; Li, Y.; Wijesundara, D.K.; Shrestha, A.C.; Voskoboinik, I.; Gowans, E.J.; Grubor-Bauk, B.