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2009V-Sense episode in a biventricular pacemaker device: what is the likely mechanism?Mahajan, Rajiv; Rohit, Manoj K.; Talwar, Kewal Kishan
2000Va24+ NK T-cell deficiency in blood is present in Crohn's disease but not in ulcerative colitisCummins, A.; Grose, R.; Thompson, F.; Australian Gastroenterology Week 2000 (18 Oct 2000 : Hobart, Australia)
2017Vaccine decision-making begins in pregnancy: correlation between vaccine concerns, intentions and maternal vaccination with subsequent childhood vaccine uptakeDanchin, M.; Costa-Pinto, J.; Atwell, K.; Willaby, H.; Wiley, K.; Hoq, M.; Leask, J.; Perrett, K.; O'Keefe, J.; Giles, M.; Marshall, H.
2016Vaccines in pregnancy: the dual benefit for pregnant women and infantsMarshall, H.; McMillan, M.; Andrews, R.; Macartney, K.; Edwards, K.
2018A vaccinia-based single vector construct multi-pathogen vaccine protects against both Zika and chikungunya virusesProw, N.; Liu, L.; Nakayama, E.; Cooper, T.; Yan, K.; Eldi, P.; Hazlewood, J.; Tang, B.; Le, T.; Setoh, Y.; Khromykh, A.; Hobson-Peters, J.; Diener, K.; Howley, P.; Hayball, J.; Suhrbier, A.
2016Vagal afferent dysfunction in obesity: cause or effectPage, A.
2001Vagal and spinal mechanosensors in the rat stomach and colon have multiple receptive fieldsBerthoud, H.; Lynn, P.; Blackshaw, L.
1997Vagal and sympathetic influences on the ferret lower oesophageal sphincterBlackshaw, L.; Haupt, J.; Omari, T.; Dent, J.
2000Vagal ganglionic and nonadrenergic noncholinergic neurotransmission to the ferret lower oesophageal sphincterSmid, S.; Blackshaw, L.
2014Vagal leptin signalling: A double agent in energy homeostasis?Page, A.; Kentish, S.
2002Vagal mechanoreceptors and chemoreceptors in mouse stomach and esophagusPage, A.; Martin, C.; Blackshaw, L.
2000Vagal neurotransmission to the ferret lower oesophageal sphincter: inhibition via GABAB receptorsSmid, S.; Blackshaw, L.
2014Vaginal birth after a caesarean section: the development of a Western European population-based prediction model for deliveries at termSchoorel, E.; Van Kuijk, S.; Melman, S.; Nijhuis, J.; Smits, L.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Delemarre, F.; Van Dooren, I.; Franssen, M.; Kaplan, M.; Kleiverda, G.; Kuppens, S.; Kwee, A.; Lim, F.; Mol, B.; Roumen, F.; Sikkema, J.; Smid-Koopman, E.; Visser, H.; et al.
2017Validating a predictive model of acute advanced imaging biomarkers in ischemic strokeBivard, A.; Levi, C.; Lin, L.; Cheng, X.; Aviv, R.; Spratt, N.; Lou, M.; Kleinig, T.; O'Brien, B.; Butcher, K.; Zhang, J.; Jannes, J.; Dong, Q.; Parsons, M.
2017Validation and application of a novel integrated genetic screening method to a cohort of 1,112 men with idiopathic azoospermia or severe oligozoospermiaOud, M.; Ramos, L.; O'Bryan, M.; McLachlan, R.; Okutman, Ö.; Viville, S.; de Vries, P.; Smeets, D.; Lugtenberg, D.; Hehir-Kwa, J.; Gilissen, C.; van de Vorst, M.; Vissers, L.; Hoischen, A.; Meijerink, A.; Fleischer, K.; Veltman, J.; Noordam, M.
1999Validation of a novel luminal flow velocimeter with video fluoroscopy and manometry in the human esophagusAndrews, J.; Nathan, H.; Malbert, C.; Verhagen, M.; Gabb, M.; Hebbard, G.; Kilpatrick, S.; MacDonald, S.; Rayner, C.; Doran, S.; Omari, T.; O'Young, E.; Frisby, C.; Fraser, R.; Schoeman, M.; Horowitz, M.; Dent, J.
2016Validation of a rapid one-step high sensitivity real-time quantitative PCR system for detecting major BCR-ABL1 mRNA on an International ScaleYoshida, C.; Nakamae, H.; Fletcher, L.; Koga, D.; Sogabe, T.; Matsumura, I.; Kanakura, Y.; Branford, S.; Naoe, T.
2008Validation of a simple method of estimating plasma free cortisol: Role of cortisol binding to albuminDorin, R.; Pai, H.; Ho, J.; Lewis, J.; Torpy, D.; Urban, F.; Qualls, C.
2019Validation of an OpenSim full-body model with detailed lumbar spine for estimating lower lumbar spine loads during symmetric and asymmetric lifting tasksBeaucage-Gauvreau, E.; Robertson, W.; Brandon, S.; Fraser, R.; Freeman, B.; Graham, R.; Thewlis, D.; Jones, C.F.
2009Validation of cardiovascular magnetic resonance assessment of pericardial adipose tissue volumeNelson, A.; Worthley, M.; Psaltis, P.; Carbone, A.; Dundon, B.; Duncan, R.; Piantadosi, C.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.; Wittert, G.; Worthley, S.