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1985Effect of restriction of placental growth on the concentrations of insulin, glucose and placental-lactogen in the plasma of sheepFalconer, J.; Owens, J.; Allotta, E.; Robinson, J.
1986Effect of restriction of placental growth on umbilical and uterine blood flowsOwens, J.; Falconer, J.; Robinson, J.
1985The retention of cobalamin by the liver in the cobalamin-deficient ratOwens, J.; Scott, J.; Cooksley, W.
1984High-performance liquid-chromatographic determination of plasma lactate specific radioactivityOwens, J.; Robinson, J.
1985Isolation and quantitation of carbohydrates in sheep plasma by high-performance liquid chromatographyOWENS, J.; ROBINSON, J.
1984The regulatory roles of liver and kidney in cobalamin (vitamin-B₁₂) metabolism in the rat: the uptake and intracellular binding of cobalamin and the activity of the cobalamin-dependent enzymes in response to varying cobalamin supplyScott, J.; Treston, A.; Bowman, E.; Owens, J.; Cooksley, W.
1989Comparison of five enzyme immunoassays, electron microscopy, and latex agglutination for detection of rotavirus in fecal specimensKok, T.; Burrell, C.
1988Laboratory diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: 2. Comparison of methods for the direct detection of specific antigen or nucleic acid sequences in respiratory exudatesHarris, R.; Marmion, B.; Varkanis, G.; Kok, T.; Lunn, B.; Martin, J.
1989Laboratory diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: 3. Detection of IgM antibodies to M. pneumoniae by a modified indirect haemagglutination testKok, T.; Marmion, B.; Varkanis, G.; Worswick, D.; Martin, J.
1984Mycoplasma pneumoniae: acute illness, antibiotics, and subsequent pulmonary functionSabato, A.; Martin, A.; Marmion, B.; Kok, T.; Cooper, D.