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2008The effect of prenatal exposure to a repeat high dose of toluene in the fetal ratWarner, R.; Ritchie, H.; Woodman, P.; Oakes, D.; Pourghasem, M.
2000Cellular zinc fluxes and the regulation of apoptosis/gene-directed cell deathTruongTran, A.; Ho, L.; Chai, F.; Zalewski, P.
2007Sliding tarsal flap for reconstruction of large shallow lower eyelid tarsal defectsdeSousa, J.; Malhotra, R.; Davis, G.
2009Endogenous plasma carnitine pool composition and response to erythropoietin treatment in chronic haemodialysis patientsReuter, S.; Faull, R.; Ranieri, E.; Evans, A.
2005The energy cost of household and garden activities in 55- to 65-year-old malesGunn, S.; Brooks, A.; Withers, R.; Gore, C.; Plummer, J.; Cormack, J.
2009Mitral paravalvular abscess with left ventriculo-atrial fistula in a patient on dialysisKitamura, T.; Edwards, J.; Khurana, S.; Stuklis, R.G.
2009Infection outcomes in splenectomized patients with hemoglobinopathies in AustraliaYapp, Alvin Rudolf Kong Nam; Lindeman, Robert; Gilroy, N.; Gao, Zhigang; MacIntyre, C. Raina
2004Impact of indexing resting metabolic rate against fat-free mass determined by different body composition modelsLa Forgia, J.; van der Ploeg, G.; Withers, R.; Gunn, S.; Brooks, A.; Chatterton, B.
2004Effects of hypoxia on the expression and activity of cyclooxygenase 2 in fibroblast-like synoviocytes - Interactions with monocyte-derived soluble mediatorsDemasi, M.; Cleland, L.; Cook-Johnson, R.; James, M.
2004Hepatic hydropericardiumCheung, T.; Tam, W.; Bartholomeusz, D.; Harley, H.; Johnson, R.